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  1. If you need software that can stream to a Shoutcast server , why are Icecast streams available in sl ? Do they have a use ?
  2. テクノ/トランス/ EDM /ミニマル/エレクトロDJが欲しい!! 上記のジャンルで音楽を愛するホスト/ホステス。あなたのヒントの100%を守ります。熱心であれば、クラブマネージャーになる可能性もあります。 以前はオープンステージのクラブBliss @ Ibizaが金曜日/土曜日と日曜日の夕方/夜(gmtタイムゾーン)の毎週のイベントのDJとホストを探していました。 十分な興味がある場合、これらの時間は他のタイムゾーンをカバーするように拡張されます....... 興味があれば、IM Jiagu(Kurt Jiagu)......、またはブリスに落ちてチャットしてください。 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Praia do Forte / 219/245/3502
  3. Techno/Trance/EDM/Minimal/Electro DJ`s wanted!! Also hosts/hostesses with a love of music in the above genres .You keep 100% of your tips and also if enthusiastic there is the possibilty of becoming a club manager . Previously an open stage club Bliss@Ibiza is looking for dj`s and hosts for weekly events on Friday/Saturday and Sunday evenings/night (gmt time zone) if enough interest , these times will be extended to cover other time zones ....... IM Jiagu (Kurt Jiagu ) if interested ......or drop into Bliss for a chat at ........
  4. @ Crim Mip .......it is possible to have a homestead sim without owning or buying a full sim . Of course you will not own it .........but you will be renting it with estate managers rights usually. There are many land estate agents in sl. Many people do this in sl and often the tier fee can be cheaper(or equivalent ) to what you would pay to LL if you purchased the sim from them .....
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