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  1. Today i got the same issue. Exactly the same, my alt is normal, no difference between SL or FS viewer... How did you fix it ?
  2. Thank you iCade Unfortunately i've checked all the stuff you talk about without finding any helpful solution. The suspect about connection is plausible, but I don't have any major issue with it. Should meshes' calculation need more stability and speed than "normal" operations? It would be a disaster, 'cause i can't get any improvement in my connection, so i would be out of meshes' world!
  3. my viewer takes a huge time to upload mesh models, and very often doesn't upload it at all. after clicking "calculate" it can take even 25 minutes before upload button does appear, and then.. upload doesn't work i tried with other third part viewers and it's the same.
  4. Hello! I create vintage Art Deco furniture (my brand is named Melu Deco). I took care of decorating many private houses, offices and clubs. If you're interested, pls take a look: http://www.flickr.com/photos/melusina_parkin/sets/72157623002999747/ New lines of furniture are coming To contact me, drop an IM or a notecard inworld, or send an e-mail (melusinap@gmail.com)
  5. Biggest change: skin! Working for a fashion brand, clothes' style never has been out of date.
  6. The best tip i learned is this, you can use when you are a cloud or ruthed and nothing seems working to fix it: - always keep a folder with a complete avatar (shape, skin, eyes), hair, clothes and shoes - when you are in the above poor conditions, REPLACE your outfit using that folder It seems work great and it always does!
  7. I know that a group can own 110% of contibuted land. What does it mean? Is 10% tier free? I can increase my allocation tier up to 40 $, to buy some land a friend is leaving. They are about 800 sqm more than the 8704 (8192+512) i can cover with the 40 $ tier. I created a group to own land: can my friend donate the whole amount of land to the group, if i keep tier allocation only at 40$? The math would be: 40% tier = 8192 + free 512 = 8704 land to own by the group = 9568 8704x110% = 9574 Is this right?
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