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  1. So i have already sent LL a support ticket, and talked to one of their support team in live chat, but i thought i would see if anyone here has any answers for my problem I normally use Firestorm, but this problem still occurs on SL viewer as well as phoenix (phoenix is the only one that doesn't crash shortly after I rez) I have also tried logging in on a different computer, and it still happens I have cleared cache, changed graphic settings, and taken every object off until my avatar was naked and tried relogging . .it still happens What is happening is this: Everytime I log in, my avatar is w
  2. Check out Evervale, it is a new RP sim it is where I call home. . . . It is medieval fantasy, so you get elves, dragons, humans, faeries, magic, battle . . pretty fun
  3. I sent you a NC inworld Angie
  4. I know many of them are a labor of love, and the financial means needed to run them rarely is come up with inworld, but usually out of someones pocket. How do RP sims make it? What are your opinions on Markets in RP sims? Do the markets take away from the immersive RP? What are your opinions on rental homes in RP sims? What about RP groups requiring a weekly or monthly donation? Or just donation boxes and such on the sim in general? Just curious, want to have my own RP sim one day, and just wondering how they are payed for.
  5. I have never understood these vampire RP sims in Sl where everyone is so proud to be a vampire, and so public about it, like it is nothing. I thought vampires were supposed to try and blend in with society, and make their kills secretly, not flaunt their bloodthirsty lifestyle to everyone. It is just starting to get a little annoying to go to these sims where everyone is like "oh yeah, im a vampire" like it is nothing, what happened to the mystery? what happened to the fear?
  6. Check out Evervale, it is no meter, and mostly no HUD (currently there is no HUD, but soon there will be a simple dice HUD) You can be a fae here. It is a newer sim (only a month old) so kind of slow right now, but business is picking up. Just type "Evervale" in search
  7. I have had no luck whatsoever finding decent sci fi RP sims in SL. There are plenty of sci fi sims, but they arent for RP, they are usually full of market places, or just people looking around, with no RP rules or structure. Also most of the ones that ARE out there are based off of star treck and star wars, there really isnt anything interesting or original out there. I have looked hard.
  8. I'm tired of RP sims based off of movies, books, and TV series. Is there anything original out there? There are some fantasy RP sims that are kind of original, but most of them have similar stories.
  9. Hello, i purchased something as a gift to a friend (this friend was sitting on the couch next to me at the time) He recieved the notification of delivery, and selected 'accept' But the item never ended up in his inventory, it is nowhere to be found. It shows in my order history that it was delivered, and i have been charged for it, but my frend never recieved it, and it does not show up in their transactions.
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