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  1. And I just got logged out of SL. So I can't even stay for long now it seems. My friend who had the problem, too, even tried Firestorm, and it wouldn't work for her. Sigh. LL needs to do something to fix this and fix it fast. Was anyone having this problem able to get it fixed with a different viewer? She said she even tried the regular SL viewer and it wouldn't work for her. This is a major problem.
  2. This is a problem that LL has created with the latest server updates. I discovered this past week that I couldn't sit on anything or see others sitting in one of the sims on the Magnum RC server channel. And when I tried to relog I came back as a cloud with my body parts not turning up in the database. The same thing happened when I visited a Bluesteel sim on Sunday. I was okay on main channel sims. I saw they'd updated the RC channels that week, and I contacted LL support, putting in a ticket on it and asking them not to do the update on the main channel. But they did it today it seems. Now I'm having the same problem everywhere. I got inworld the first time okay for some reason, but I had to clear cache and relog because I had no messages or notices. When I came back, it was as a cloud with parts not found in the database, even though my inventory loaded fully after the relog. I'm on Singularity version 1.8.6. A friend on version 1.8.7 says it doesn't work either. She tried the latest Singularity Alpha, and it's the same. She's going to try the Test version that is noted above. I don't know if it will work for me, as my computer was missing a file that the Alphas needed to start (some .dll file associated with C++ I think). It's likely the test versions do as well. So I'm stuck as a cloud with my database not loading enough to get me back into SL.I don't understand what change was so important that it had to destroy all older viewers to make it. Sigh. And my friend just tried the latest Test build of Singularity, and she's still a cloud. So Singularity doesn't work at all now it seems. Anyone have any ideas?
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    LL has disabled logins for unscheduled maintenance. Nothing any of us can do now but wait for them to fix the problem. Hang in there.
  4. This is just a guess, but something must have gone wrong during the main channel rolling restarts, and now they're doing unscheduled maintenance. We likely won't be able to get back in until that's completed. No clue when that will happen. Hopefully they will post it in the grid status reports.
  5. Logins are disabled for now. Something messed up and they're performing unscheduled maintenance. Hopefully they will get it fixed soon.
  6. Just saw in another thread like this that they've disabled logins because of some kind of unscheduled maintenance. Apparently the rolling restarts messed up somehow and now no one can get into SL. So it's not just you. Hopefully they'll get it fixed before too long.
  7. I just tried to get into SL and got the same thing . . . it says that I'm entering the wrong password or username, but I'm doing the same as always. Is there some kind of problem with SL? I can't even get my account page to come up.
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