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  1. GrandFathered Homestead for Sale Empty and without any surrounding sims., Tier - $95 due on 28th of each month. sim cost - $300 + Transfer fee - $300 = $600 (as per LL new rules land cost is to be in L$ so it would be 80,000L$ + 300USD) Region can be renamed and moved at the time of sale. Pls IM me inworld or respond here > ❤️ Zaara Kohime
  2. As a creator, I am fine with cooperating with any sort of information that maybe needed by LL. My only request is... if you want to introduce 5% process credit fees and all these changes with Tilia, why not create some kind of value addition for creators and estate owners? - Please bring back wire transfer direct to our bank accounts, which at least cuts down on FX charges we have to face on Paypal or in case of Skrill, a dual FX conversion.
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