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  1. Something else I am curious about is, Lets say in Sansar a few land owners got together and created an experience that involved something much like the Blake Sea in SL a large open space for sailing and flying. If those land owners then got their various bits of seperate land and had them joined up would there be similar effects to "sim border crossings" when moving a vehicle or just the avatar from one land area to another when they are visually contiguous? or would Sansar treat such instances as though they are part of one large area?
  2. Judging by the replies I received I think there was a misunderstanding in what I was asking. Optimizing a game would go a long way for the overall experience. When i was referring to specs I wasn't necessarily meaning old hardware. I've at times replaced new hardware because despite what the minimum hardware requirements state; machines that I had that had well above the recommended still managed to be worked hard by SL where as they would be as cool as a cucumber when running the latest games at the various times this occured. One thing that would go a long way in SL not just sansar is a ruleset that forces content creators who work in mesh to make creations high detailed but low poly. I see so many amazing avatars but they are created with excessively high rendering costs due to not being "game" orientated. I know a virtual world is not a game in a traditional sense but the mechanics are and this would be one way to do two things 1.) make a smoother better experience for all as not everyone runs an NVIDIA GTX TITAN whilst connected directly to the grid via a CAT 5 cable. 2.) it would cut down in some ways those "creators" who are just buying models online who don't know anything about modelling and can't "tidy up" the model before importing it if it has a too high poly count. This is of course one example of optimizing as i'm sure the engineers know of other things that can be done. Just because something is brand spanking new it doesn't mean it has to run uneconomically when using computer resources.
  3. From my experience at least i can offer an answer to some of your questions. For users who enjoy using vehicles the biggest attraction to using the mainland areas is that it offers large continguous areas for those who would find buying up large collections of sims cost prohibitive in order to enjoy that kind of experience. There are communities that have evolved from these shared experiences i.e sailing groups and aviation groups which has added to the overall experience.
  4. Given that many people won't have the latest and greatest machine or device. Will Sansar have better optimization than SL currently has so users don't have vastly different experiences i.e (like having a computer that meets minimum requirements but even at the lowest settings experiencing debilidating lag.) I know a few people have over the years been required to replace parts on machines or whole machines due to being worked harder in the past with SL. Are you considering or going to likely use procedural generation for landspaces in sansar?
  5. Well the weaponry is rather substantial It depends on how you want to tackle the situation? If we are looking at a large cluster of them then i suggest an aerial bombardment with the B1-B lancer Carpet bombing is generally effective. If you wish for a more targetted approach we have a few options available. We could use laser guided weapons bombs, Or send in a seal team and fast rope in to the target area to neutralize the intended target. How do you wish to proceed?
  6. I just discovered this thread today, I've spent the last few days driving around the roads of the continent south of nautilus. There are a number of these bots dotted along the road side. If you need a base of operations to set up tracking teams to plot them. I offer my services just let me know in world. I can also offer aerial reconnaisance if needed.
  7. If you purchase a new Full sim can you request the location on the map where it will be placed?
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