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  1. Never mind figured it out, lol. Select "Inventory" from the menu bar at the top of your inventory window and choose "New Window" Just in case anyone else wants to know 😉
  2. I know you can open multiple inventory windows in the regular viewer...to say..organize your nightmare inventory lol...as seen in this video here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yghE1RHyiJo&t=50s BUT Does anyone know if this option is available in Firestorm? 🤔 Thanks so much! 😃
  3. I am so at a loss as to what to do with my inventory.....I have 280,000 items....I know, I know....But a lot of it is "Vintage" SL, lol. I have clothing from Last Call still 😂 The OLD stuff I don't really want to get rid of due to nostalgia even though I cant use it anymore it would be a shame to just delete it I think, but a lot of it is no transfer so I cant just send it to a storage Avatar. Then you have the zillions of things I don't even know WHAT they are, lol. I'm terrified to delete something and find out months later it was something I NEEDED and cant get anymore because the crea
  4. Is anyone else having trouble with the MarketPlace? I can't check out, I keep getting the error " We are unable to process your order at this time. Your items will remain in your cart and you will be able to try again later. " Which I did...and it still didn't work. Want to see if it's just me and I should file a ticket, or if it's a global issue and I just need to wait it out. Thanks =)
  5. Thats it, thank you so much! Was driving me nuts, lol
  6. When I opened a box my inventory used to go straight to where it unpacked. It stopped doing that. I searched and searched but can't for the life of me find where to turn it back on. Can anyone help pretty please iut's driving me mad. I do usually use Firestorm but I think a lot of the times the settings are the same. Thanks so much =)
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