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  1. More often then not, the color change i apply is just a light tint that actually makes a huge difference to the overall look. You might not believe it, but most of your customers would actually know the limits of how much tinting a design with a pattern can have before it looks aweful. The fact that you spend hours on creating this actually doesn't matter. I spend hours to create textures for my furniture, but i don't mind if some club desires to tint it a bit so it matches better with their interior. I checked your template supplier and indeed he says "Derived products must be no modify along with no transfer OR no copy permissions." But still it would be nicer to have a mod version and as i did before and many people who know a thing or two about building will grab the full perm version so they can use it the way they want if they like the design. With many of my clothes i also added a script that would set and unset the alphas of my mesh body when i wear them or take them off. Or I made them interactive for others. There is so much more you can do with mod things than just changing a texture's tone (which is still a very important factor). A list of how I modded clothes is: changing specular settings, adding materials for a specific look, disabling full bright or gloss, adding glow in a few cases (for some cyber look), inserting scripts for interaction or making it easy on myself to autohide parts of my mesh body if its a piece that comes off and on a lot, changing the tone of the color to match the overall look, adding transparency, Hiding parts of the clothing so it can be combined with things it wouldn't otherwise, I haven't made any rlv scripts yet, but i can see how it could be useful, removing scripts to a lesser extent and i probably forgot a few. The feasability and necessity of all the above hugely depends on the type of clothing and how they are made obviously, but i must say that the designers i spend most lindens with are the ones selling mod or provide me a mode version if i ask for it.
  2. The point is not whether i bought it or not. Often i like the design and i would contact the designer if its possible to obtain a mod version after buying a fatpack. And for your rl analogy. Dye is not included but widely available, although i dont find rl analogy relevant.
  3. Thanks for your answer, however they are not resizable, there are many other espects that can be altered like color, specular settings, turning off full bright, transparency etc, They could make their own texture if they wanted to, however i doubt that the amount of people that would go through that kinda trouble would affect the market (how it it affect the market if someone that has a fatpack requests a mod version and adds a texture from their own?). It is in my experience harder to match your new designed mesh to a texture than quickly create your own texture for a mesh you designed. I wouldn't consider clothes in SL to be art that is of such significance that it shouldn't be altered. It still is just a commercial product. I know for a fact that i can improve lots of designes that are out there. Also the quality of the individual piece can be slightly sacrified to improve the overal look. Nobody wants to wear greens that don't go together, but with a light tint the total look can be significantly improved. I can give you tons of examples of that. there are millions of colors, but there are usually not that many in a hud. I can relate to your last point of course, however if someone that bought all the colors already and would like to make some modifications, i wouldn't see why they can't be helped with a mod version.
  4. I'd like to understand why so many designers make their objects no mod. For obvious reasons i can understand why no mod scripts exists, but i can't get my head around why people refuse to provide a mod version when asked. Everyone that likes dressing up knows that even when you buy fat packs of everything, it mostly isn't the right tone of the color you which to match or the designer did not use the specular settings as you'd like it to be or worse, they make their shoes full bright and you can't turn it off. Often things you easily miss in a demo. I can understand they don't want to sell sell single colors mod. But why would they care if I would tint the color slightly so it matches another piece of my attire, or increase or reduce the specular, it blows my mind. I had several answers that didn't make any sence. it went from: "The scripts inside are no mod, so therefor the object has to be no mod" to "People can steal my stuff when it's mod" ... well i'm pretty sure that the permissions settings won't prevent any theft (unless you leave them full perm) another one i hear a lot is "sorry we can't give mod versions" ... how on earth were they able to create the item in the first place if they don't have a mod version. Anyway, i'd be intersted to understand why people wouldn't want to make a mod version available for clothes and wearables. Write any sense or nonsense below :)
  5. Personally I wouldn't mind at all paying one linden and get a box with all the demos in the shop. However the fact is that you pay 1 linden per demo which you have to trow away. I would most likely end up buying all the demos in a shop of which I like the products and surely end up buying not one but most of the products in which I can find myself. If paying 1 linden and the shop has 150 products, it starts to count ^ ^ It's a way to promote your products and if it adds up any prims than the vendor needs to consider if he wants to invest in it. It's fairly simple, no demos for most is less sales, I doubt that any will argue about that. Having a vendor system that doesn't allow a zero price is possible, but this is most likely solved by improving the script. I don't beleave that someone who is capable of making a popular vendor system, can't get his script to work with a zero value. and indeed you can always place a box. I pulled a list of the past 30 days and I summed up 428 lindens waisted on demos, it might be not that much money. but then again why don't you just refund it if it's not much money, it's easy to track as I read in the previous posts ^ ^ I'm going to look for a new skins today, I already know which shops I can't go, as realy don't feel like uploading lindens to try all the demos Cheers at the merchants that are able to charge zero lindens. If one can do it, all of you can do it, just need to think out of the box
  6. I would be happy to build a trackin spreadsheet, including graphs and other features if it would make demos being sold for 0$L. I'm also confident that selling demos for 0$L would eventually increase sales.
  7. The deliver as gift only applies to Xstreet, I do like to browse those pages, but I was actually referring to inworld shopping which I enjoy much more.
  8. I had suspected that tracking could be a reason. But honestly, there are much more 'customer friendly' ways to filter out transactions you don't need, it can even be done with a very simple excel file and a small macro that downloads transaction info including 0 values. I could be wrong but if you would update this daily I would doubt that it would exceed 500 transactions. Or you just download the csv and filter out whatever you want. It somehow ruins the shopping experience when you would have to consider trying out demos or not to stay within a budget's limit.
  9. Since some time I have been wondering why it is that some merchants sell their demo for 1L$ I know it is a small amount, but if looking for hair or skins one might buy loads of demos to try out to see which fits best. Hundreds of lindens are spend the last couple of months to find some new hairstyles and after a while I just gave up looking at shops where they charge that 1$L fee to try on some hair. Customers will most likely pay a linden for a demo, if it doesn't look any good, leave the shop. On the other hand when demos are free, they might try on other styles then the ones they are looking for and purchase things they actually didn't came for in the first place, which happens to me all the time I never got charged in any rl shop either for trying out clothes So tell me, is there a specific reason, other then trying to make profit on selling demos?
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