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  1. Heya, I am around sandboxes quite a bit and encounter this same type of stuff. People can be very easily amused, especially if they are trying out a new toy they got on someone just standing around unpacking boxes. A few things I do personally to avoid encounters like these is, immediately when I get into the sandbox, I rez a box on the floor, sit on it, and change the Z-coordinate position to 1500m. Then you are up in the sky, away from everyone. This helps immensely. You can rez a platform in the sky, just rez another box on the box you are sitting upon and stretch it out. Staying on the floor? I rez a cylinder, hollow it out, put a transparent texture on it, make it big enough so it surrounds me and whatever I'm working on, and stay inside. You can always groundsit if you are standing on the terrain. Right click on the floor and sit. I'm sure there are gadgets that turn on movelock, or make you anti-pushable. But I'm cheap. :< Anyway. Goodluck!
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