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  1. actually the former solutions weren't working for me in some cases or required a lot of texture alignment. I discovered http://www.infinitelooper.com/ and that is much easier. You drop in a video url and it creates a looping url and it is centred so getting it aligned is super easy.
  2. I helped the widow of a deceased individual close her husband's account more than a year ago. I believe I did all the steps correctly (I was given his log on). Now the account is inaccessible but the avatar still appears in search inworld and as the owner of a group. Avatar account is Thom Dowd. Thom was memorialized by a number of us who miss him dearly. I hope the account can be totally deleted as the family desires. Contact me if more information is required. Just to clarify due to comments. I was asked to log on by the widow and supplied with information to do so. No TOS violations involved. I completed everything necessary to delete the account. This was more than a year ago. Tickets have been filed. No resolution.
  3. I always advise people who are feeling lonely inworld to find events they are interested in attending and active groups related to their interests (check recent notices to see how active the group is). People in SL go where interesting things are happening. I host concerts weekly and there's a very friendly group that attend. Let me know if you want more information.
  4. Irene got it earlier in this thread. SL is essentially social media. Wandering from place to place looking for people doesn't give you a good hit rate. However if you like music and hand out at music events, you'll surely meet people who share your interest, or if you like discussing ideas and learning about things, there are great events daily for that interest.
  5. I am getting the same error in Phoenix, Imprudence and online. The message in the viewers is "Cannot purchase in this viewer version". Online it is simply "cannot complete transaction at this time. Very bad timing as we all have monthly payments to make of one kind or the other.
  6. OpenSim may meet the needs of many institutions, or some other grid somewhere in the metaverse. I neither know nor care greatly, personally. Linden Lab has a perfect right to run their business as they sit fit, even if it seems to make no sense. The rest of us general users are just simply helplessly watching as some of the best innovators, providers of content, and ... our friends drift off to other grids. I feel no one is really concerned about what this means for the rest of us who simply value the contribution of educators, non-profit staff and non-profit volunteers in the SL community. We attend their events, use gadgets they produce and invite them to our stuff too. We learn and grow and make a difference in the real world through networking with peace groups, social justice groups, environmentalists. That's all diminishing or ending. We are the ones who will be left behind in a place that has had a good piece of its heart torn out. Will it be a place we will want to stay? I sincerely doubt it, speaking for myself.
  7. If there is a plan that unifies the seemingly opposite actions that SL has been engaged in such as using the arts as a marketing tool while driving away the non-profit orgs that host and support the arts and opening the grid to teens to support the work of educators while driving away educators with price hikes, it would be good for all of us if that unifying business plan were shared. The alternative is to assume chaos.
  8. Not just fewer interesting places to explore. It is perhaps understandable is a largely visual medium like SL that people focus on the visual. However the glue that makes SL sticky is not builds, it is events, groups, social connections, things to do. Non-profits provide most of the help to newbies and they host most of the conferences, discussions, public affairs panels, that interest core users. What would "events" look like without non-profits and educators? Who will teach building classes? Who will host the freebie walls? Who will create all the discussion sites and write the articles about SL that attract interested people to SL... the effects are enormous.
  9. I have blogged on this on Music Island if you want to get my full thoughts on the issue and why it is a disasterous policy that affects all residents, not just the non-profit and educational community. Those of us left behind after a mass exodus of some of the most educated, involved and generous members of our community will find SL a more boring world. (I am thinking a highway strip of big box stores). That will only snowball as individuals leave when they find less to interest them. If you don't have time to read the full blog post (or you are totally with me and don't need to) I have suggested as a starting point we all think about the following actions: Twitter/blog/post everywhere that there will be a vast reduction in interesting content on SL if non-profits and educational institutions leave SL. Boycott Marketplace in protest but support your SL businesses inworld. Ask people to pledge a discontinuance of Premium Accounts by Dec 31, 2010 if LL does not continue discounts for Education and Non-profits. Start Facebook/Linked-In groups to publicize actions. Spend spare minutes in SL at welcome centres handing out notecards to newbies telling them how their SL experience will be adversely affected by the reduction in non-profit and educational presence in SL On a protest day (TBD) cancel all eductional, non-profit, and affiliated events. Publicize the results in attendance.
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