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  1. hello! I am always looking for new friends. I used to enjoy the fish hunt, until the ATM stole almost 300L from me and I haven't done it since, but I'm always down to start back up again. I have been very interested in the DFS games, but I haven't been able to find a whole lot of useful info on it. I enjoy shopping and going to clubs to dace. I love SL photography and always looking on ways to better myself and improve at it. I do voice at times as well. My group of friends is super small, so no real drama there I am on SL everyday around 5:30 pm slt (give or take a few mins lol) Tamikinss resident (Tami) in world
  2. Hi! I just recently, within the last 2 months, came back to sl after a few year break. And as usual all my friends are gone. I'm mainly online every day from about 530pm sl time until I pass out at night lol I enjoy shopping, exploring, playing sl board games, decorating my land, dancing at clubs and just chatting. I'm pretty easy going and am down for almost anything. I'm a bit shy at first but if we find a good topic to chat about I won't shut up lol. I listen to country, rock and pop music mostly so those are the kinds of clubs I go to most often. I am also partnered and enjoy doing things with other couples too (dancing, board games, exploring) Find me in world under tamikinss and I go by Tami. I also log from my phone during the day to chat as well. Hope to hear from you!
  3. That is exactly how I felt when I came back lol. I luckily found a friend who helped me figure it all out I'm on eastern time too and also have been decorating my new home and land. If you ever want to another shopping partner hit me up tamikinss in world but I go by Tami
  4. Hi! I have been in SL a long time too, off and on, and none of my friends every log on either lol I'm in my late 20's too, on the eastcoast. I love to shop and hang out and find new sims to explore. After 6 years here its kinda hard to find something new lol I don't really do the clubs as often as I used to, I just go to listen to music. If you would like to chat you can find me inworld under tamikinss
  5. Hi! I've been on sl for almost 6 years. You both are welcome to add me if you would like. Search tamikinss and you will find me Hope to hear from you soon
  6. Ive been wanting to give family RPing a try for awhile now. I am a little on the shy side at first, but I warm up fast. I don't have many friends here in SL anymore (everyone stopped playing) so having some brothers or sisters sounds nice :) I would be an adult but I dont mind kid avi's My name in game is Tami Renee (tamikinss) so you can always send me a message. Thanks!
  7. That sounds like I can be fun IM me in world, I would love more info
  8. Well, first off that would never happen and second of all. No. Just No. I'm not really sure what it is you were trying to apply but let me just assume and say that yes, I would turn them down. Mainly becuase I don't find any of those people attractive enough for such an intimite thing, but also I value myslef more than that. Im sorry that you are offended by my post but the simplest thing to do is stop reading it. If you are so sure that age isnt an issue and you would never tell me it, then why make a big deal about it and just IM me to start with?
  9. I have no issues with being friends with anyone. But the fact of the matter is, whether I am looking just SL or both, RL is always going to come through. We are real people behind every avi and I can never keep it seperated. I find it odd that I am viterally kissing anyone that is old enough to be my dad or anything of that nature. Nothing against anyone in that age range but I just don't find it attracive to be with someone so much older than myself. Sorry.
  10. Hi! Feel free to IM me, we have a lot in common! tamikinss hope to hear for you soon
  11. Hello! My name is Tami and I have been in SL for almost 6 years. Im just standing here in my house looking for something to do so if you want to get together and find something to do inworld send me and IM : Tamikinss I am always looking for new friends and enjoy helping out new players who may have questions. Hope to hear from you soon! xoxo
  12. I am just coming back from a break from SL and I am finding myself lonely. I would love to find someone who like to talk and also listen. I love to do dancing where it is at a Country Saloon, a rock bar, or Franks Jazz, as long as I have someone fun to be with. I also enjoy exploring sims and taking photos here in SL. I'm not looking to jump head first into a relationship but work our way to one and we can see what happens. I am female and 25 (almost 26) IRL, please keep it within 7-10 max of my age. You can find me inworld: Tamikinss but I go by Tami Renee Hope to hear from you soon! xoxoxo
  13. So I have been using singularity for sometime now and I love it. But I recently took a break and when I came back my there seems to be issues with it now. The camera seems to be locked in one position and when I walk around it does not turn and follow me, so I can see myself walking towards my screen. Also it seems that the script window on my PC stays up the whole time from when I open the viewer, the two windows never merge. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling several timesand still the same issue. Anyone else having the same problem and knows how to fix it? tami
  14. Hi! I have been playing SL for going on 6 years now, on and off that is. I am not able to play as often as I used to play due to have a 9 month old baby now, so most of my SL friends have gone there own ways or don't long on anymore. I would love to have someone who I can talk with in game. I can't promise times that I will be online but I will try my best to be on everyday, even for just a few hours. I have here for friends only!! I am married IRL. I enjoy photography, I had my own studio when I was active before, and dancing and music. I enjoy exploring random sims and causing havoc sometimes haha My name is world is Tamikinss but I do by Tami Renee. I also love to help out new players whether it be finding new skins or shapes ( I have a few custom ones that I have made) and a new wardrobe to learning the basics of the game. Basically if I can help you I will! :) I hope to hear for you soon!
  15. Thanks! I joined the group
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