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  1. Agreed. Looks like a good basic system. That video card is still pretty useful and powerful in this day and age. The X200 series are great too, but only if you have the money. Just add another gig of Ram and ur all good.
  2. Normal viewer users can tell emerald users by the touch particles they emit. Emerald is a good 3rd party viewer. I just do not use it due to the lack of some features I need. Nothing besides that is wrong with it. Frankly, whether I use it or not I just wanna pat the peeps on the back who made it. Good Job
  3. if u are on a private sim just get estate manager to restart it and poof ur ghost is gone. this is a rare bug and i have solved it for 2 people on my estate before that way i see you tired that and u might be at the sim u tped to before that one or after. usually the restart works like a charm.
  4. when you are in sl, only LL and yourself are privy to your WAN IP. Tho i think there are huds and security stuff that can get your IP address, however usually most who has these are worried about greifer alts and those that cheat at clubs on contests.
  5. oh i know. I was just making a point that online you are your IP address. Same way in RL you are your real name. There are ways of masking your WAN same as there is a way of giving yourself a nickname in RL. All in all tho, IP Privacy is a hard sell since this info is always useful in peer/client to server resources, like banning a bad user or greifer, or in case of game servers: reporting and banning cheaters. I know this really does not apply here but the principles sl and streaming music servers are based on this backbone. Actually i had someone's alt full out lie to me that he was not som
  6. Any thing you do on the internet discloses your WAN IP Address. This of course being the address that goes out from ur modem to the real world and given to you by ur ISP. As a DJ and an owner of his own server ( i do not rent servers when i have business internet and can handle up to 600 listeners without even noticing drag) i rarely pay attention to the Shoutcast DNAS log except the number of people connected to the stream. Yes IP addresses show up but that is how any server DOS dialog, prompt, or whatever streaming text shows when someone connects to something. Technically you are safe, and
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