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  1. Thanks Wikked - we ended up searching for my phantom avvi and there it was waltzing at the last place somebody had told me earlier...was weird seeing myself walking and walking. Sent back a note to LL giving them the slurl where I saw my avvi and asked them to kick me out and it has been cool so far...thanks soo much . Tried logging off and back on a couple of times and it actually shows me as offline and online appropriately. - yay!!! Purr..
  2. Tried that - no use...guess ill just have to wait for the rolling restarts to kick me out of whichever SIM I'm in.....thank you for that though...
  3. AWwww thanks soo much Cinn. That was such a helpful answer....Will definitely be patient, and it looks like a lot more folks are facing this problem and not just me. That is such a fab idea about letting the alts know where the other avi is - I have requested an add - so hopefully when the sims are restarted I should be able to see myself. Will do what you suggest asap so that it will help me in the future....such a brilliant suggestion!! Many thanks Purr..
  4. Been stuck inworld for a day and a half. Sent a ticket to LL and did exactly what they suggested and no use . Logged in with my alt and saw myself as still online.Had the owner of the SIM where I thought I last was do a restart and no use...still stuck inworld... Can any of y'all see me inworld....and can restart the SIM to kick me out. Purr
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