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  1. Haha, you caught me, Ando...I'm a Linden Programmer! Jeez and who said Sherlock Holmes was dead?
  2. Again, please learn to read or stop being so angry enough to listen so that maybe, just maybe, you'll learn something. Stick to what this blog post is about - that's the point.
  3. Yes, Beta about the release of Display Names, NOT Beta in regards to that Jira of "Bringing back the option to keep focus on the chat bar". Please read or at least learn to.
  4. Wow! I thought this discussion was geared towards Display Names? Why is it that when *anything* is broken, it's always LL's fault? Amazing. Yet another unrelated complaint- case in point.
  5. Awesome Display Names and the viewer works flawlessly \o/ When people complain, it is almost always because they have asked impossible things- thanks LL for making Second Life possible in a world where it was once considered impossible. Your hard work has not gone unnoticed. Keep up the great work
  6. What exciting news! Thanks for keeping us posted about all these wonderful developments and keep up the great work!
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