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  1. Okay, I wish you luck @Wendy Starfall, I had hoped this thread would be different, but, it's not. I am out. Peace everyone, and please remember to be respectful of everyone, their thoughts and opinions my differ, but that's okay. If anyone is entitled to anything in this world, it's their opinion. Peace, make love, not babies. iBL
  2. The problem is, EVERYONE has a real life income that has been reduced or completely gone. EVERYONE. Content creators, and I am one of them, don't need special privileges. And honestly, if anything could be done, LL could just freeze everything in place, charge no one anything, and stop all LL transactions in world so people could use their REAL hard to earn money for food, housing, cleaning supplies, MASKS, and just let everyone log in, have fun, I am sure LL can handle a couple months of that without going broke. They can even leave the purchase of Lindens open for the Linden markets t
  3. I'm going to pretend I did not see that. You write code, you should know better. THAT is perhaps the simplest part of the solution. How hard is it to do an SQL query to find account balances? Lol. You made me laugh. iBL
  4. And there in lies the problem with the wording of your petition. I fear that this puts regular residents, the one's who actually fund land barons, content creators, designers, code junkies, well, everyone. IF these fees are lowered/waived for we, the content creators, I fear our customers will experience the brunt of this global lock-down more, you see, they too have lost their income, in fact, if they had not, we'd not suffer the loss of income as well. With that said. I love everything you've done for the community Wendy, I've been a long time fan, while mostly silent, I do app
  5. obviously the owner change is one issue that can be addressed, and has. A second, I did not see mentioned in here, is whether or not your customer has, in her preferences, turned partlcle effects off, in which case she would not see the particles at all. Just a thought.
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