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  1. You can add to that list, if you so wish, "if you want to retain Land Marks, embed them in a note-card, then delete the Land Marks, then all you have to do to use the embedded Land Marks is open the note card and click on the desired Land Mark and your on your way. Like retaining note-cards? Do the same as the above, embed them in a notecard and bin the originals. It truly does work
  2. No great loss, let us hope the next one has his/her priorities right, like greater community relations. Which ever way you slice it, without a solid community support base, you are ultimately going to fail. A basic management principle that LL have never grasped. Then he/she can work on dealing with the abuse reports that never get acted on, Secondlife is fast turning into the "Wild Wild West". Having said that, I wish him well.
  3. Sim crashers are readily available, and I wont tell you where, why add to the problem. The current tool of choice is a graphic card crasher, see Bo's comments on this. Linden Lab are aware it exists, to the point where I have emailed the CEO direct and informed him, I work on the premiss - start at the top, While the abuse report system is slow, you should AR every event, it provides history. A tit-for-tat approach is not advised under any circumstances, simply because you are putting your account at risk.
  4. Reference "We need your help to test the SL Web Viewer!". What is the point of asking SL residents for help? Residents have helped in the past and LL have totally ignored the suggestions from its supportive residents. It is time that the staff at Linden Lab got off its collective rear end and started showing a true commitment to the residents of SecondLife, it is time that the executive management of Linden Lab stopped treating its residents like chattels, to be used and abused as the Lab sees fit. It is time that the Lab stopped wasting money in its attempt to create a sellable product and listen to its residents. You want our help to test, then at least have the courtesy to create a world leading environment that all its users can use, an environment that is constantly stable, an environment where servers are reliable, an environment where you conduct proper testing before you push out new services, if you want to know what proper testing is, it is testing to break, then design it so it wont break. Stop wasting money on hairy fairy developments, give the residents, ALL residents, a product that they can use. And for goodness sake get back committed staff, not off-shore contractors who promise heaps, and deliver sub-standard support. If you can achieve that, then maybe you might find that the hardcore users of SL might be willing to assist you in creating a world standard virtual world that can hold its head high and say, we proved it, we did and we are the best.
  5. Stalkers in SL are only too real, but you are in control, you set the rules and you never have to cancel an account or hide from them
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