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  1. Pamela Galli wrote: All good ideas, all discussed here in the past. Trust me in this forum we have all heard merchant horror stories, and we do not, for example, like having our stuff copied and illegally sold on the marketplace by avis with new, anonymous accounts. I would be fine with requiring PIOF, age limits, and/or even a Premium account to sell anything on the marketplace. I would require merchants to have logged in within a certain amount of time to weed out all those who have left SL but still have markeplace listings -- or at least inform customers of how long it has been. The point is, none of that is going to happen -- certainly not anytime soon, probably ever. The devs who would handle such things are so monumentally behind schedule on matters of critical importance they will not get to things like this for a very long time. So we are back at caveat emptor. ABSOLUTELY agree Pamela.
  2. Hello! yes this is a very old discussion. Feet skin match usually is not an easy task but in my experience a good result depends mainly on skills and practice (and yes, patience *smiles*). Certainly, depending the screen/computer we may see colors slightly different, but if you have a good skin match doesn't mean that other people see it drastically different. In the same way, while it's true that some windlights may change the color of the feet dramatically, most of them do not alter the color. As well, there are skins harder or easier to match with the feet depending the shines/shadows on the legs etc... But if skin match is too brainteaser for you then you've made ​​the right choice (wear boots or shoes without feet instead) *It's good contact the merchants if you are in troubles, most of them will be glad to help about skin match problems. Sorry about my english ^^
  3. In my humble opinion is not the point of the post if you provide good customer service (or not) when you got a bad review (wich not guarantee that the review are going to be removed or modified...) As well, not always there are something needed to "fix" when you got a bad review. Merchant responses to a review should be clearly visible or at least as visible as the review itself. Is NOT the case and that leaves us at a disadvantage, somehow.
  4. Hello, just a humble advice...if you want to match your skin tone from a HUD with different skin textures (presets) to start with it, i recommend you to choose always the preset slightly lighter than your skin. If you choose too light skin base to match the feet then you can have issues about the tone looking different depending SL lighting. If you choose a skin base texture too dark (darker than your skin) you will not able to make them lighter by the HUD (color picker) if each preset is a single texture. So i recommend to choose the one just a bit lighter tan your skin and then match the tone. Pure white skin texture preset works well to match very light skins, but to match medium/tan skins is not recommended because a prim or sculpt with pure white texture and recolored by edition in SL will show the tone different depending the lighting. I hope have explained me well, sorry about my english ^^
  5. ohh Ciera...LOL. That explains all, sorry! usually people always contact shoe makers to get the RGB values instead skin makers (i really do not know why). I'll keep trying to find you online to match your skins *smiles*
  6. Hello Ciera! I think that there has been a misunderstanding, I never (never^^) recommend to use "show color under cursor" to match the skin as i know that it's not reliable method (depending the pixel that you pick you will get very different tones). I recommend to use skin bases and the color palette from the HUD. I will contact you in-world to offer you further support, thanks!
  7. Morgaine Christensen wrote: As a new customer to their store, I also didn't like the fact that some displays clearly showed there were demos...and others you had to look closely to find a demo. I don't know if this was the owner not thinking when they set up their newer displays or a ploy to trick the newer customer into buying a shoe. Hello Morgaine. First of all, being a "merchant" yourself i think that you should be more careful by making such assumptions, i'm pretty sure that you would not like to read this kind of comment toward you from someone who doesn't know you at all :-). That said, we offer our demos in 2 ways: in a board or box (for the newest releases)....there's really no big difference and in both ways the Word DEMO is clearly visible (no one has had complaints about this^^). So... is not wanted for N-core team a "ploy to trick new customers into buying a shoe". We know that's not the way of doing business and (thank god) we do not need such practices to get new customers. BTW, if sometime you need support don't hesitate to contact me ^^ Best regards
  8. Solar Legion wrote: "Do you want to entrust anything related to your finances to a company that has been hacked three times now? How about a company where their customers regularly have their accounts hacked into?" "I'm not here to make money - I grew up long ago and realized that deriving an income from SL on any level was quite silly." "Accounts regularly hacked into SL"? You should be careful about giving this kind of misleading information in a LL oficial forum, also could you tell us, when the payment information used by a resident has been truly compromised. And i guess that your vision about how silly is get an income from SL is just due the fustration of not getting it. All done for me here...
  9. Solar...why so rude in your posts, really necessary? and who are you to say that she's not entitled to make suggestions or to give her opinion? she is not being disrespectful to anyone. We are discussing require payment info only for SELLERS (not for all the residents). I can understand that some people want to make $ hidden in the anonymity, even seems that for some people this is a "right". IMO customers who spend real $ should know that they are giving their money to sellers that at least are identified in some way, like in RL. Especially when LL do not take any responsibility about problems that may arise. The point to me is: you want to enjoy SL, make friends, buy stuff, explore...? great, not PIOF required. You want benefit of SL and make $? identify yourself. This would make SL market a bit more safe for both parts, merchants and customers. And this is a real question (not sarcasm) because i really don't know it...in what country is impossible to get a payment method required by LL (paypal, credit card...) ??
  10. I referred about poor quality items or freebies for sale at Marketplace just because i think that in someway is related with the ease that any person have to sell just about anything to make some $L. I was trying to convey that maybe with PIOF required marketplace may becomes a bit more selective. I'm not penalizing anyone for thinking that require PIOF for the Marketplace sellers could reduce some problems. And i really would wish that were just a few "bad apples" but if you check often MP stuff there are weekly a lot of copybotted items (some full permissions). Anyway let me say it again, in my experience there are people copybotting even having PIOF, but an overwhelming majority NOT have it. Seriously, who don't have nowdays acces for a payment method? credit card, paypal...Again: Since people want to make $ not should be a problem for anyone that some data were required to SELL items. Not a tragedy, it's happening with mesh. *Sorry about my english
  11. Amethyst apart of copybot, at the MP there are a lot of people (not content creators) selling freebies or really awful items due the facility to do it through the marketplace. I'm absolutely sure that for any serious merchant with established store in SL would not be a problem upload a payment info if becomes a new requirement (actually most of them already have) and I don't think that this would limit the number of merchants at the Marketplace. Paypal fee is ridiculous, anyway what wonderful place SL!...all the people want to make money but if they have to pay a miserable fee then mmmh...that's not good -.- . As i said, it's a requirement have PIOF to upload mesh and there are wonderful mesh creations for cheap prices (bearing in mind that has been recently implemented).
  12. I'm tired to see avatars (most of them NO payment info) selling through the marketplace copybotted items. How i know that it's copybotted? that depends on your knowledge about SL stuff. Anyone that knows about SL stuff/designers can recognize copybotted items, most of the times are well known articles from popular stores that have a clear statement about their copyrights... To me it is undeniable that by requiring payment info to sell by the marketplace would reduce A LOT this problem, not stop it but would significantly reduce. Also would make harder to the copybotters create new account everyday for the same purpose. It's required to have payment info just to upload mesh, but as someone said, taking the NO payment info accounts out of Markeplace would remove LL profit. So things will stay that way.
  13. I have a script counter on my sim (wich inform about scripts running and memory used by avi) . The reason? i got tired to hear people running with more than 500 scripts and complaining about lag on the region...Some people need seriously consider how their high script count may ruin the experience of others instead be offended by script counters...
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