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  1. Strange really. You cant win. Griefers if they get board will start on the rest of the grid to the point sim owners are takeing extra measures to keep griefer alts off thair sim. Everyone ran and some considder that a form of action that will send griefers after you. So Stay or go your still going to deal with them.
  2. I just wish more hair makers made hair that wasnt uttely lopsided, way over volumised and all looking the same. Really it gets anoying so please mesh hair makers add in those lovely flexis as well so theres something else to the hair.
  3. Unfortunaly the fact t hat the linden is what made SL could also brake it. People cant afford as many luxuries and unfortunatly Sl is one of the first to go so the only way to make SL not the first is to make it less expensive. The only things I can think of to help with that would be to move over to the inworldz system of renting servers and cleaning up SL code so we have all the features but it runs much smoother and with no data leaks or unneeded data transfers. By doing so SL will be low cost on a server and apparently the other server renting method is cheaper and very diffrent from the
  4. OK If it's knowingly blinding. If someone knows that the light is something like... That then you might have a case. EDIT: Just explaining that the pic is actualy me demonstraighting one of my fave vails that I cant use because of the light that wipes out even the outfit thanks to it being white and haveing pale skin with that monster. I can only use it for demonstraiting now and only on an empty sim. But it looks kind of funny.
  5. Come on guys this is done to death. We all know some people that dont see thair facelights sometimes refuse to remove them and if that is blinding it can be griefing yet others that have nice subtle lights can be yelled at for it. There are good uses for attached lights like a torch or subtle facelight so you dont get that half fullbrigh outfit look or you just dont want to look like your almost invisable when it goes to midnight settings. Plus sometimes if i'm working in a club with no lighting what so ever I'll set up my fans with a light in each side in order to try to provide some kind of
  6. This sort of thing has been tried with many 3D engines. Normaly it is done with a weather volume but it can be messy as it can go though houses where sometimes thenj theres other weather volumes in the houses that overide the effects. The only other way to do it is a kind of prim grid effect where the snow and rain shows up as sheets and that would have to be edited. The last was a physics effect i've seen advertised by Nvidia where they managed to have hail falling on rooves and rolling off but the problem with tat is its lots of diffrent objects and though it works in a deathmatch map it won
  7. Ether skin makers put in a texture with the skin that goes on hands feet and elf ears gauged and non gagued and other... things. Or foot makers atlest help us by makeing thair feet so they are bone white with shadeing so people add the color to that and it looks good ish or just plain bone white. I get irritated by foot makers thinking that the person thats going to wear thair feet will be some shade of brown or pink. I have a lovely dark purple skin I want to match feet to.
  8. This is one of the resons why I like creators of shoes and such to make the foot parts white and tintable. Grasp seems to have the best ones i've seen. I wear thair sandles often very easy to tint to pale skintones as well and very well shaded.
  9. OK to start with in SL you have a lovely place with a big blue sky and very generic looking first time place things. You get though the basic movement tutorial then you end up in an infohub. SL is full of so many versitile things. Maybe to get people to stay and get people to get into SL in the first place you will need to work with people in world. Like I work for a live performer. Why not let her advertise what she does on SL to get people an idea of something they can do or something they can see. Theres plenty of people that would be great helpers and plenty of places to lern the more adv
  10. I still cant work out how to get photos posted to a feed from my computer in the first place.
  11. Ugh... yes I do sometimes do the silly pose but just for tinting a hairbase. I do change clothes when i'm somewhere but I do it in a manner that keeps me clothed at all times. In SL you cant really ask for more than that can you? The ocational checking of a tinted hairbase and a quick costume change. It's no big deal if your not getting in anyones way or haveing nockers out in places where its not apropriate.
  12. If you use a white dkin texture base and i am talking white as snow here your one of t he vest desighners to deal with in Sl because so many dont and is hrd to match skintones.
  13. Base number means very little when it's going over a texture thats arleady quite a defighned skintone. I always go for good huds myself but the skintone issue is getting to me. For a good effect the bits we need the hud to re color need to have a white base texture or good shadeing on a white base and when I say white I dont mean a kind of pinky skintone I mean as in as white as the forum background. That way the base number would work without a color already being there to mess with it.
  14. The problem isnt always the color hud infact that can be great its ightens made with a sighn saying they are fully tintalbe yet the palest you can get is fake tan orange because thats the texture they used. I dont care if I dont get an exact skin match as long as the color is just about right. Elf ears for the most part are easy to sort out as I can pull a texture from an ear kit I got a wile ago and that tends to work but mesh feet where they have the indavidual toes all textured up and looking great with seprate toenails and everything thats when it gets tough. And as for makeing a foot text
  15. Due to my taste in strange skin color (Pale blue, dark purple, drow grey) I have found that many ightems you would normaly tint to match your skintone are not working with my skintone (ears, feet, feet in sandals) The reason for this is that the parts that need tinting have a texture thats already got color on it. Some human skintones that are quite pale I can't get to work ether. My serch for mesh feet ended up with me going though sevral pairs of feet before I got a good set I could tint how I liked when I liked. Anyone else found this a problem?
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