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  1. Pamela Galli wrote: Camp 3 - Sees Emuna's side and Xavier's side, but think they both could have handled it better. Yeah that's mine!
  2. Emuna Zamani wrote: When individuals start adding others to "lists" just to watch what they MAY Do and they have no authority over anything, that leads to problems. Emuna, i understand very well that you are innocent and also a victim on this issue....but from what i read, this (alleged) list seems to me like some kind of list made by the merchants to include the names of the members from the vip group of the thief store. I already said that you and anyone that bought the animations should be able to understand that from the point of view of the original animators all the members of that group are potential resellers of their stolen animations...I do not remember to have read that Xavier stated that the list including your name is being distributed or made public, nor that you and the other people included on that (alleged) list are tagged as "Thieves" or "copybotters". IMO, they are entitled to keep an eye to those who may have their stolen animations to be sure that are not resold. Please correct me if I'm wrong I really believe that it's quite possible that Xavier were a bit rude and harsh, but i'm convinced that you also could have handled better the situation.There were other options than coming here to write a post...I think that if you would had suffered at some time in your own skin the experience of having your own work copied and distributed by the grid as full perm (wich i'm pretty sure you don't), maybe you would have had a little more understanding about Xavier manners...
  3. Yes...seems that compassion can work here to only one side...
  4. Darrius Gothly wrote: Nuria, for just one brief moment try and put yourself in that tender start-up time when every little thing could totally destroy all your hard work. Try for just a little while to see how being tagged with a black mark on some secret list could cause you emotional turmoil. Try to understand how exasperating it can be to realize you cannot get your name OFF that list no matter what you try .. and try to comprehend how frightening it can be to realize that every sale you make .. if you make any at all .. can turn into a customer relations nightmare because someone found your name on "That List". If you have any capacity for compassion, if you can even begin to comprehend that not everyone is as secure and successful as you, and if you can for one moment summon up a tiny shred of human decency, I am sure you will come to see how absolutely demoralizing this whole ordeal has been for Emuna. And all because Xavier threw a temper tantrum and started swinging at everyone around him. Darrius, i'm not going to answer your whole post because this could take me 2 hours and i already stated my opinion about most of the points that you have raised. But regarding your personal allusions: Forgive me if i'm wrong (my english isn't good) but it seems to me as if after judging Xavier acts, now you are judging my capacity for compassion, human decency and even the objectivity of my opinion simply because i'm (according to you) a secure and successful merchant. You can be sure that since my "tender start-up time" here in SL I have lived situations MUCH more complicated than finding my name on a list from few merchants trying to avoid content theft. I'm under the impression that some of you have some sort of trauma with the word "list" (maybe due Redzone drama etc...). While you are obfuscated thinking that Emuna has been tagged with a black mark, that she will lose sales or customers and that this issue could destroy her work you are doing nothing more than create drama. As you said, Xavier has been fuzzy on this point but he has clarified that knows very well that Emina and the other buyers are innocent and also victims in this issue (though seems that you avoid these words...). I'm pretty sure that Emuna herself spread more her name as a potential buyer of stolen stuff here at the forums than in any list that she may form part. Anyway I'm not going to keep arguing the "list" point. You talk about Xavier's tantrum, but I really ask me why has been so criticized the way to handle this issue by Xavier but no one care about how Emuna handled it. I'm pretty sure that if Emuna would answered to Xavier in a more cooperative way (even if he sounded harsh on the note) instead come to the forums to make a thread, the whole situation would not have reached this point. As i said previously, i think that when things like this happens if both persons are honest (and i think they are) just is needed a bit of communication. Emuna could have offered to Xavier to show him the animations and could have been interested in research on the issue, Xavier would have seen that Emuna had intended to cooperate which would have been a good beginning to try to put end to the problem from both side....that's all.
  5. Pamela Galli wrote: Is Emuma the only one qualified to get a break, and if so, why? I mean, her response has hardly been a model of cool calm thinking, either -- can you imagine calling LL support AND posting in the forum over something like this? Geez put away the rope. LOL...absolutely agree Pamela.
  6. ImaTest wrote: This is the exact point I am pretty sure myself, and others, were trying to make. This is why how you handle it matters just as much as the fact that you do handle it. Because it is far more likely you'll do so with heated emotions. This sort of thing, in my honest opinion, is what will separate merchants. Some will always handle things badly. Some will only somtimes handle it badly. Others will always handle it with care. I fit the latter now, though I once fit the middle. Humans are not infallible, we all make mistakes. The difference between adults, and children, is that we are expected to own up to our mistakes when we do make them, or when we realize we have. We're long past the age of innocence and right from wrong is no longer a difficulty.(for the majority of adults, barring something that keeps them from differentiating that is). Some people insist and insist with the idea that Xavier has handled the things badly and seems that some people enjoy judging and blaming this merchant even missing a big part of information. In my opinion the only thing that may have been handled badly by Xavier could be the manners with which he contacted to the OP...let's put that he was harsh on the notecard (which no one here really knows) because he was upset and due lack of experience...is that SOO terrible? ISN'T. Seriously, if you can not show some comprehension for this, get over it. About the list, let's put that was made by the merchants and this list simply includes the names of all the members from the vip group of the thief store, who were customers and potential resellers of the stolen animations. Merchants wants through that list keep an eye to the people that may have in possession their stolen animations to be sure that are not reselling them....is to have made this list have handled things wrong? NO. Should the OP be worried about? NO while she do not sell stolen content. Again, Xavier has clearly stated that is aware that the OP and the other people who bought the stolen stuff are innocent and victims from the thief . Has become clear that all of you would have handled a situation like this a lot better (that sounds good,eh?) but stop crucifying him.
  7. Pamela Galli wrote: ImaTest wrote ( to Nuria): He, you, and anyone else who hasn't dealt with it should take the advice from those who have. We're not speaking out of our rear ends. Just want to say that Nuria, as owner of N-Core (https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/40957) probably has more experience with IP theft than everyone else in this thread put together. Hi Pamela, (unfortunately) i think so.... thanks for your comment *smiles*
  8. Innula, you've reminded me the famous battle between 2 skin makers (one of them famous and the other almost unknown). I'm sure that you know about what i'm talking. If we all were guided by the evidences, as are the things now should we think that the famous and well established skin maker was the one who violated the other's work. But for those who are close to the situation and have knowledge about the facts we know very well that in this case the evidences and proofs are far away from the truth. Besides what seems an evidence, there is also a thing called common sense...i explained this because not always an evidence is needed to know the truth. I'm going to leave, but i think that there are a very easy solution for this issue. I think that Emuna should meet with Xavier and the other animators affected to show them the animations that she bought. Then the animators would know for sure what are the animations that Emuna own and if they are stolen or not (and from who). If are stolen it's up to Emuna decide whether to delete them or not (trusting animators) and if not then they have a chance to file DMCA. With good communication everything is possible, just a little effort on both sides...
  9. ImaTest wrote: I am not sure why you think Emuna has not been harmed by any of this. She very much has, and may continue to be, she's even said as much. I am taking her on her word on that one just as much as I am taking Xavier on his word that his animations were stolen. I believe both of them and have absolutely no reason not to believe them. Her being on a list in general causes her harm. If you think it doesn't, I can't expect to convince you. But she will lose potential customers. Now he may not have put her on that list, but he's definitely confirmed her place there. It may not have been intentional, because as I said, he's upset. But that is why I said it happened in the wake of his own upset condition. Actions, and words, always have consequences, good or bad, they always do. It's a good idea to choose them wisely. Ima...i do not have problem about you posting how well you've handled a situation like this and how badly and terrible Xavier did it...You're assuming that Emuna is in some kind of blacklist but A.we do not now if she's really on some list B. even being on a list we do not know who have acces to this list (wich probably it's only managed for merchants and the affected content creators that already know about this issue) To state that she will lose potential customers in my opinion is to fall into drama, while i can accept that probably Xavier could have handled the situation better (with better manners) this do not change the facts: There are some merchants affected by content theft and checking that the people who own their stolen stuff do not put it for sale.
  10. I wonder if you do not read my post---again: Innula, i think that with a bit of experience and reading the statements from Xavier is easy to figure out that ALL the animations coming from that avatar were stolen from several animators...Javier has offered openly to prove that their animations were stolen and named other well established animators affected by the same thief. Are the animations that Emuna bought the ones stolen from Xavier? maybe, it's possible and for this reason Xavier sent the email warning about the issue. What is clear is that these animations (coming or not from Xavier) are stolen....there are more than one (established) designer affected and the store of the thieft is gone. DMCA's has been processed. We all know that Persuade LL most of the times requires much time and patience, this kind of issues are handled slowly. -------------------------------------------------------------- And i wonder too why you are being so distrustful and constantly put into question the word of a well established designer who have a 2 sims store and more than 5 years account... I can tell you that i have filed many DMCA's to LL. Some of them got a quickly response, some others was needed to send them again because nothing was done. You can draw your own conclusions but i would not recommend you to believe that presumably LL always act fast in DMCA disputes.
  11. ImaTest wrote: There is absolutely nothing wrong with sending warnings. How you do it, is what matters most and will make or break your case. It's very clear that Xavier has never had to deal with theft before, which is probably a relief for him. Because he very clearly went about it the wrong way. In stating his case here, he's continued, repeatedly, to go about it the wrong way. In fact has only compounded the problem, and created a mountain of problems for others. How you can't see that, and how you can't see his continual sharing of Emuna's name, and perhaps even others since he did admit he got her name from this person's group, is a terrible way to handle things tells me that you too have never had to deal with it. Seriously....the only thing that Xavier made clear is that he warned this person because she had in possession stolen stuff (which she has admitted) and that he and the others designers affected will keep an eye on the people that have their stolen animations to be sure that are not for sale....how terrible is that, eh? Everything else is speculation. There is nothing that hurts Emuna (she came here alone to expose the issue, if not none of us would know about this). Xavier was nice enough as to warn her (probably in a harsh way) but you can be sure that some other wouldn't have said NOTHING about and just would have waited to file a DMCA.
  12. Czari Zenovka wrote: Then you and I are reading completely different posts. It has already been shown by several people who can express it better than I where the disrespectful, rude, accusatory tone was taken. Xavier then responds to those posts in what I consider a belligerent manner, thereby escalating the issue and confirming to some of us that he is a bit of a loose cannon. My opinon only of course. Please quote for me the post where Xavier has been disrespectful, rude, and above all accusatory (as we are reading different posts). Thanks
  13. Marcus Hancroft wrote: Perhaps, Miss Pamela, but why would a merchant want to show, even in a thread on a forum such as this (comprised of other merchants who are potential customers) that he or she is a royal PITA to deal with and is disrespectful to potential customers? In MY book, the loss of even ONE customer is unacceptable. ESPECIALLY since the loss is based, not on the quality of my products, but how I treat those who buy from me (or who potentially will). All what you said would have some sense if Xavier would had been disrespectful, rude, accusatory..blah blah (wich has not been, at least in this forum). Personally i think that is extremely childish and stupid the typical sentence "I will not buy your products again" or "you lost a customer" because i do not share the same opinion than yours (it is common at the forums) Xavier, i didn't knew about your store but if i like your products and customer service you can be sure that you get a new customer BTW, Marcus you should be careful because this kind of behavior can work in both ways....now i feel a bit childish heheh, i'm really sorry to say that you can add now to your book the "unacceptable" loss of a customer ^^ (though i wouldn't buy none of your products anyway) Childish, right??
  14. Innula Zenovka wrote: "you're being watched because we don't trust you". In my experience, most people in SL are pretty honest and keen to help creators who find their content ripped, but most people also get understandably upset, and considerably less cooperative, when they feel they're being falsely accused. In my experience, there are many people who even knowing that something is stolen they keep selling it because "they paid for it" and DMCA ends up being the only solution to the problem . In my experience those who really understand and respect the work of others do not care so much about the "manners" on how they have been contacted but care more about do not sell stolen stuff. No one has been in this thread falsely accused, I have not seen any offense in the statements of Javier...i guess everyone does their own interpretations.
  15. Perrie Juran wrote: Xavier Pomegranate wrote: As a helper here, what really irks me and worries me is did you send your little note to everyone in that VIP group and on this watch list? How many people in that group are actually, like Emuna here, innocent victims. Because that is what someone who receives stolen goods without knowledge of what they are is, they like you are a victim also. What the hell is wrong about sending a warn to all the group members of that group (who were evidently customers) to warn them that they bought stolen animations from a thief and to warn them that the original creators will keep an eye on them to be sure that the stolen stuff is not being resold? The problem is simple, they are innocent victims and as far as i know nobody said otherwise. But Xavier and the other animators affected CANNOT know about the honesty of each of the members of that group and if they keep selling the stuff even knowing that it's stolen. if you are an honest person i don't understand why this has to be an offense I would love to see the reactions if we were talking about our own stuff....
  16. Emuna Zamani wrote: If you do not see the issue with challenging someone's integrity, there is no need for me to go any further explaining why I am angry, to you. I did nothing to land on some list where I am being watched by some people who appointed themselves as the Second Life Police. To have someone that I have purchased animations from ask me what my connection is to the person that Xavier says sold stolen animations shows that my name is being drug through the mud for no reason. I may not be able to purchase full perm items due to this. Get it now?? Emuna calm down. You are giving more importance than it has and exaggerating a bit....it's simpler than that: You bought stolen animations from other people, now this people wanted to be aware about if their stolen animations are put on sale or not ( knowingly or unknowingly). Why the hell you may not be able to purchase full perms due this? please do not fall in drama...
  17. Innula Zenovka wrote: nuria Augapfel wrote: Hello Emuna, while i understand that you are also a victim i have read that Xavier said that he never accused you of doing anything wrong....you've admitted that you have bought stolen intellectual property, I'm sorry, but I don't think that's that case. She's bought, in good faith, L$10k of animations, but we have no idea what they are. Xavier is worried that they may include items which he says -- though he has apparently yet to persuade LL that this is the case -- were stolen from him, but he has no more idea than do you or I what Emuna bought, so, unless he says every item in the shop is stolen from him (which I don't think he says), he has more idea than do I if what she bought was stolen or not. The animations bought by Emuna are the ones stolen from Xavier? Innula, i think that with a bit of experience and reading the statements from Xavier is easy to figure out that ALL the animations coming from that avatar were stolen from several animators...Javier has offered openly to prove that their animations were stolen and named other well established animators affected by the same thief. Are the animations that Emuna bought the ones stolen from Xavier? maybe, it's possible and for this reason Xavier sent the email warning about the issue. What is clear is that these animations (coming or not from Xavier) are stolen....there are more than one (established) designer affected and the store of the thieft is gone. DMCA's has been processed. We all know that Persuade LL most of the times requires much time and patience, this kind of issues are handled slowly.
  18. Emuna Zamani wrote: I deleted my post because I felt like he did not deserve any words from me. He is stuck on "Poor Xavier" and he is not seeing the problems that he has caused. If Xavier would have contacted me in a respectful and professional manner, that would have been different. I would have appreciated him letting me know that I had purchased stolen animations and I would have tried to do what I could, IF anything to put the person that stole them out of business. What Xavier did was contact me with threats and informed me that I was now on several lists . . . he had become "Big Brother" and he was watching. He had no proof that the items were stolen, there was no list of the items to provide to me and he had no proof that I purchased them (I did). Hello Emuna, while i understand that you are also a victim i have read that Xavier said that he never accused you of doing anything wrong....you've admitted that you have bought stolen intellectual property, myself as a merchant i would keep an eye to someone that have stolen products to be sure that are not put on sale...I think that's understandable. To contact someone who own stolen items to warn that if the stuff is put on sale would be object of DMCA can be taken as a threat even if is not the intention. You were on the vip group of the shop of the thief, so even if Xavier had no proof i think that there was enough reasons as to suspect that you may have some of the stolen items...(which you have admitted to have). But reading Xavier's post seems that he also understand that you are a victim... I would like to know what are the problems that he has caused you...i mean that if you are not reselling any items from the thief you have no reason to be worried. Seems to me like the real issue are the manners as you were contacted by Xavier, and that's a whole different thing.....that is something that is between you and him so I can not comment. But even if Xavier were rude or a bit harsh to you in the e-mail, i think that you should be more worried about reporting the thief who has cheated you... BTW, poor Xavier you lost 3 customers...I hope that this night you manage to sleep...LOL, how childish...
  19. Hello Xavier, i'm sorry for your situation. Long time ago i found some of my products copybotted and sold as full perm, to result in a lot of people selling my items as own...i remember that i contacted one individual (who was selling my products) to warn him that they had bought stolen stuff from my store ( showing irrefutable evidence) and asked him to remove the stuff from sale, if not i would have to send DMCA . The person refused, was extremely stupid and stated that was going to contact a lawyer (lol...) I even remember that he said something like "mine looks better than yours" (when they were identical sculpts). Evidently, the stolen stuff were deleted few days after my DMCA, but i have to admit that i almost felt more bothered for this "merchant" that by the thief himself. Now when I find someone selling stolen items from my store i do not bother to contact the person to warn. I send directlly DMCA to get the stuff deleted...I feel a bit ashamed to see some merchants attacking and blaming another merchant (somehow) who has suffered the distribution of their work and who is being very correct in his statements Apologies for my english^^
  20. OMG you again with the same **bleep**....so scary LOL. Seriously, do us a favor and GET OVER IT
  21. Spica Inventor wrote: Greedy, arrogant. Lets add paranoid as well, but all my stuff is copy/mod so I don't fall into that category. This concept of treating those merchants selling no modify items as paranoids only shows your level of ignorance as well your lack of respect toward other merchants. There are some valid reasons to set no modify permissions and though generally we prefer modify products I think we should respect the decisions of each individual....just saying.
  22. If you really think it's arrogant to ask a question, do us all a favor... Close SL, uninstall it, turn off your computer... Then go play in traffic. Darrius said it way better than me, look at some of his posts. You're irredeemably stupid if you think your creations are perfect and you'll accept no feedback from other people. Thanks for your advice, but sorry for now I am not going to do this favor:matte-motes-little-laugh: I do not think that ask a question to merchant is arrogant, but in some cases some merchants are very explicit (on their policy/profiles...) about not changing the permissions of their items. I have had problems with customers that after purchasing a product have insisted on changing permissions of the item for them (to modify) having a tantrum when the answer is no. Accept no feedback from other people is certainly stupid, but as well there are people being arrogant with their feedback/suggestions who acts like teaching you how you have to do things, making you wonder why they are not making their own products...My point is that arrogance many times works in both ways. If we (merchants) had to open a post each time that we find arrogant customers SL forums would be satured.
  23. Deja Letov wrote: Darrius Gothly wrote: I identify their top sellers .. and add them to my list of "Products I will be making soon." *grin* LOL...I'm not gonna lie...I've totally done this. Trying to reproduce creations from other designers (their top seller) to try to hurt them somehow ?... definitely an attitude like this is not way to do business...not from honnest, original and professional merchants. You should feel ashamed of such sentence. To the OP, i'm seeing here arrogance in both sides. You knew what permissions had the item, you knew that was heavily scripted....... seriously, the merchant told you that you was being daft just because you asked him to change the permissions politely as you claim or maybe we are missing some part in this issue? It is common that when customer asks for changing permissions of a product and the answer is "no" the merchant automatically becomes a greedy and arrogant who's providing bad customer service (even if the merchant is polite). What made you think that he's going to change the permissions specially for you?....
  24. I can't understand you Ela. The OP it's just trying to help merchants (like you) to be voiced and listened about evident issues being ignored from MP...maybe is that what you missed? You are throwing stones at your own roof.
  25. Mmm...Hi Suki, that's what i said? Really?....are you sure? Or maybe i explained you that wasn't a bug of the shoes and ask you to contact the creator of your AO to ask him for the priority of their animations? smiles. To the OP, there are a known bug in SL (wearing shoes or not^^) that happens all the time when some animations conflict, and as far as i know depends on the priority of the anim. I would recommend you to try this gesture, it's easy to use and works very well to solve the problem of stiff fingers. TY https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Schoen-Hand-reset-gesture/2115033
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