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  1. ok...I seldom come onto the forumns....am an OLD second lifer..been around a looong time....and I am going to complain because the excuse is always ..check your computer...check your viewer...redo this or redo that....I have a premium account ..have for years...and I know this much...whoever is redoing and working on the inners of second life make it virtually impossible to use at times....if second life wants more people to sign up for premium accounts then whatever they are doing in the background needs to be changed....this happens daily...not once a week....its impossible to design..telepo
  2. Welcome Rod to second life...I know the Sims so well and was a founder in TSO....loved them both and hope you enjoy second like as much as we do...hope to see you on the grid....getting to know some of the "Hot" spots. HoneyBabee Duport aka Granny Gump (TSO)
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