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  1. MilanJones Resident I am unsure if she takes customers at the moment. Also I have obtained one of her regular heads and I was not that impressed. The textures are not as good as her Flickr suggested on the head Julia I bought at the cosmetic fair 2015. Here is her Flickr Also she claims to make original mesh but I doubt that as she has no payment info in file I thought that was needed in order to upload mesh. Edited for Flickr Link
  2. Wow, thank you so much! Yes, my ISP is Ziggo so this makes complete sense. I am happy to report the problems are over now. Thank you so much again! ~Kay
  3. Same problems since a few days and mesh not rezzing for a longer time. in fact it is so laggy I can't play Second Life at the moment. I was searching for known issues when I came to this forum. My full region is very laggy when I am there alone. Texture won't rezz and mesh often neither, I can barely walk or type and my screen turns black in almost crashing if I attempt to do something. No techie but I live in Europe - The Netherlands
  4. Yes, I agree! Somehow my gut feeling tells me LL wanted to let us know this exactly the way they did :-) Especially because the media in our country knew it around the same time as it was told to the "selected few". While SL isn't a hot topic here at all.
  5. I've seen the full interview and it comfirmed a feeling I already had. I do not feel either, as Jessica (Firestorm Dev.) said also, "Second Life 2" is to become a success because I firmly believe creating a new world should be done with us who live Second Life at least via constructive feedback sessions. This is also why I think it should indeed become open source at a given point. It is not at all easy to stand in the shoes of someone who does experience Second Life and what people want from it to the finest level we meet in our day to day use of the platform. I think it is important to gather as much as possible ideas, feedback and concerns as you can to take in consideration as you develop and I think transparancy is even more important since the news "leaked" because we have to be with you in this, I assume, to make this a success. I think also Linden Labs is in it's complete right to create a new world from which they hope it becomes so valuable that it will tease us away from "Second Life 1". I do not think this will happen even though it is premature to say this because ofcourse I have to see this new world first before I can judge it. I think virtual worlds are a niche market if we compair it with Twitter or Facebook. It relativally has a small interest which makes it even more needed to keep us activally involved with your plans I think. By how the news came to us a lot of fear is generated amongst the users and I hear from people they stop to invest in SL 1 which is a pitty indeed because investing is the only way to keep it alive on the other end I can't blame them either for being shocked at least. There is a lot we can't get answers on because it is not set in stone yet which is completely understandable but was this the right time to "leak" this information therefore? Shouldn't it be announced when more things could be answered, and for example secondary party viewer creators were consulted on how to develop this new world they know the needs and obstacles we residents feel more than anyone, a lot remains to be too uncertain for many which may be harmful for Second Life's economy. I sure hope some more public reassurance can be given on a variety of questions as soon as possible to make sure people remain to be on board in SL 1 and keep trusting LL or trust them again because wether the current staff was involved or not by the many things happened over the years we were not per se excited about. We know Linden Labs due to this as a company which does not consult their customers. For me it feels now like the economy and the interest LL makes of SL 1 goes directly to SL 2 also because Ebbe Linden stated a small crew will be left to run SL 1 and a big team is to do SL 2. But what with the current bugs and issues we have? Will they be addressed by this smaller team who are to run SL 1 and can we count on a official viewer which is easier to handle because so many people really do not like that viewer at all. Are we now really paying for a platform from which we don't even know if it has any future life or our interest and not for the development and improvement of SL 1 and bug fixes? Maybe I am negative about this but I do not believe it will succeed souly because we, who live SL, are not involved by it. An other concern I feel is that the merchants are your core business in SL 2 this makes perfect sense as you need content ofcourse but how does that statement make others feel who in fact need to like SL 2 enough to obtain that content? I can't, for example, imagine a world without an intuitive designed viewer such as Firestorm, which is created by residents for residents. Many, many people can't work with the official viewer or there are too many clicks to be able to do what we need. Will it be just as complicated to live SL 2 because no residents are involved in the process of creating it and share thought, suggestions and ideas on how an ideal world might be? Just some thoughts. I am not English by heart so you may find some odd spelling or sentence constructions. I do my very best though :-)
  6. I think it is good news we can keep our virtual identity and L$ and these worlds will run parallelle to eachother so we can indeed decide where we like to spend our energy. I think energy and all the efforts we have put in Second Life to me is indeed something which makes this all difficult. Many people have put immense efforts and energy in the grid over the years and as such we have invested, not per se money wise only, in a platform many of us love and are emotionally attached to. Our stuff, creations, homes, social networks, groups, communities, events and so on and so forth. If I speak for myself, ofcourse I have to see "Second Life 2.0" first to know this for sure, I doubt I want to build everything there from the ground up again. This was not why I joined Second Life in the first place and this is also the reason why I was never interested, besides curiousity, in other grids. Second Life as it is now was and is my virtual home where I love to spend my spare time without hassle and certainly without doing extra work. I doubt, how cool and full of potential an other grid might be, I feel like investing all those efforts again. I rather build up on what I currently have, this gives a way more positive feeling than building on something which may or may not become a Second Life 3.0 some years after or fail by lack of ungoing interest all together. Which was the case with many attempts to copy SL by people who have build other grids. The big question is where exactly do we want to spend our precious time in. It may be a content creators Walhallah but it isn't to say that their current costumers feel this vibe as well. It is quite possible they rather have the world they know and care about. The virtual worlds I have visited besides SL were not so populated at all besides stores of merchants who took the gamble in spending energy for should this ever work out just so they had their piece of the pie.
  7. Thank you so kindly for your reply :-) I very much understand we need to move forwards! It is a little scary but I will be brave
  8. I agree with you that SL needs to innovate with today's standards. A smooth working platform which is perfect today is one part of it but I also think the residents, friends, (shopping) events, groups, niches within, perhaps a more poorly performing SL, should not be underestimated. Without such strong networks Second Life was nothing with an outdated interface or not I feel. This is why I think Second Life doesn't easily find serious compettion because so much enthousiastic efforts over the years went into your platform this part isn't copyable. Therefore I think Second Life will always matter because we exchange more than we can even imagine. I feel strongly that it didn't matter how promising other grids may have seemed it never crossed anyone's mind to stick with them because we have it all here. We've found our niche why would we leave all that behind? Second Life is also a lot about the experience besides the technique. I love to breed for example (sculpted cats) our large community loves them and we have a very devoted community to the cats we breed and eachother and we don't care much that it are cute animated sculpties, I am positive no one cares for that in fact. And totally on the side note we are so attached to those pixel beings that we spend a lot of money on new traits etc. while it are really just cute sculpties from which I think your new platform may not support them. SL makes no sense without these kitties for many people I know from out this community. I guess what I'm trying to say is the success of Second Life and it's platform depends on more than technology alone but also the fun and passions we share and friends we make with this. These things were not created over night but took years of investments on many levels.
  9. I think Qie is right. One cares more for their land others for their inventory and many for both if the future of these essensials are unsure and if this will be bridged at all, so the transition will be smoothly and joyful only, it may be so people panic about this. I'd hate it if with two platforms we get a divided community and people who bail out completely due to lack of information and security about what is important for them. If I speak for myself I know I need to take a week to sleep this over to see what I need to do with my current properties and future in Second Life. It is just not so comfortable to hear news without reassurance of some substantial basics. I do understand though this "leak" was in a too early stage to say something constructive about these fundemental questions. A lot of changes happened over the years frequently a lack of solid communication made it even harder to cope with it this may also be the reason people are a bit wary. I feel it is better for everyone to have some more information rather sooner than later just so this can be done with us and not to us.
  10. I don't know a new world with better functionality sounds good ofcourse why having things worse if it can be better after all. I predict I will indeed hasitate from now on to obtain virtual products with often a real price, in the "old Second Life" without the quarantee we can keep the belongings and more importantly our memories. Even though it are L$ we spend it easily counts up in a real bill. I always felt merchants needed all the support they could get so I gladly obtained beautiful creations and had fun doing so. So from a customer point of view the merchants may have a valid fear their income will decrease if more people think like I do which is frequently not the case luckely :matte-motes-asleep-2: Therefore I am neutral when it comes to developing this new world I must admit I'd rather was to be more positive but throwing away 7 years is not easy while I realize SL is outdated. Also I think the merchants who make our Second Life more beautiful need more reassurance just so their customers remain to obtain their products. While I think it sounds very cool I think the implications may be complex as well. What does our social network do for example or the people we consider most important? Do they stay in the old world or in the new one and what decision will I make based on that? I have no clue to be honest. For this moment I will patiently wait for more news in hopes the transition will be as smooth as possible and perhaps even our inventory because we many of us carry a decade of memories with us. Happy 11-th birthday by the way :matte-motes-smile:
  11. Sighs I guess I have to put everything offline because this is not acceptable.
  12. Eventhough not a pretty sight (I use Adblocker to just not see it) I don't believe SL is at it's end. Perhaps they made or needed to make a poor choice but that is something else. I think it would help more to lower the tiers so more people can maintain the monthly land costs eventhough there is global crisis. It seems to me this would generate more income from tiers for LL in the end.
  13. I'm not so happy with this. I have breedables which gain love 24/7 to be able to breed. I have obtained a full region of LL to have breedables as well as do other stuff. It would be a true devaluation if this becomes true.
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