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  1. Thank you for your reply Rowan. It is fixed now.The good people at Support fixed it. I know the settings well, however they were so huge I could not navigate to the setting. It was good for a laugh. XO Maye
  2. I sent in a support ticket. Thank you, Maye
  3. I set my UI size up, now all I can see in the viewer is a fourth of the screen and huge buttons. I can not get to my preferences to fix the setting.Does anyone know how I can? Thank you Maye
  4. Thank you for your reply Wulfie and Innula. I know a little about scripting, I have made a few. The note card seems to be the solution. I will try but I have trouble knowing where to put functions. I will let you know if I succeed. ? May
  5. I have a dilemma with a full permission script that I purchased. I tried to contact the creator, I doubt that I will get a reply. I will try to explain as best as I can. I want to sell boxed sets of mesh gift boxes(M,T) that I made with this script in them. The script opens to folder of choice and sends a chat message. If I set the script to M,T the buyer can not edit the script to change the folder name or the chat message. I can not set the script to full permission because all the purchaser has to do is open one of the individual gift boxes to get the full permission script. Is there a solution for my dilemma? Thank you, May
  6. Sorry about that 69xenuno, I should have checked to see how long you have been in SL. My post was not meant to be condescending. XO May
  7. I like Second Life way better than InWorldz. But that is just my personal opinion. You are new 69xenuno, you can make another account, close that one, and use a name you like. Give it a chance. I have been to some wonderful places here. Search for what you like. May
  8. I best start thinking of something I can live with then. Or maybe I could use my charm to talk them into doing it. I have done that before in other matters, May ~*~
  9. Thank you for the information LittleMe Jewell! Hopefully I can just change my first name, that would be great. I can hardly wait. XO May ~*~
  10. Your idea sounds great Lindal Kidd. I would gladly pay $50 or more to get rid of MAMAbabe. I have 2 alternate avatars for testing things, however as stated by someone else, I have to many items in my inventory that I can not transfer. Even if I could I would need to find every items creator and TOS so I do not break their rules. May
  11. I found this thread by accident and I love it! Do you think I would still have called myself MAMAbabe Magic if it had been possible to change it? hahaha! Was my kids idea to use MAMAbabe. I was griefed and insulted several times when I was new until I learned how to deal with it. Linden Labs, please give these people last names and 30 days to change them! May
  12. Thank you Chic, You understood exactly. I have been owning land for about 10 years, however, I have never renamed a parcel from the original name that I gave it. Things are always changing so I wanted to make sure. I would not have many friends left if I messed up their stuff. May
  13. If I rename my Mainland parcel, nothing will change on the land, right? I feel silly asking as I should know.I did search the forums.Mostly no results. I have renters and a lot of items on my land .I can not disrupt anything. Thank you, May
  14. I understand that Motor Loon, as long as the products work, use them. It is just a real shame to see Hippo go down with a bad reputation. XO May
  15. After I posted my question here, March 2017, I switched to CasperLet. It works just as well or better than Hippo. Maybe later I will get Caspers huge vendor servers package. I have left all Hippo products because they abandoned their costumers. I would suggest others do the same. XO May
  16. Thank you for your reply Lisa. I will probably just use the Hippo boxes for now because they do work. What I really needed to know is if the complete server vendors would still work online. The only way to find out is to just do it, so this weekend if I have time I am going to set up a server vendor. Thinking about getting CasperLet as I already have an account there for texture vendors that I never used. Thanks again.
  17. Ok just to be fair, I made 4 Cool Text logos. Same as it ever was, pixeled out and shadowy. I am glad to hear that it works for others though. Guess I will just need to stick to my 10 or so graphics programs. Thank you for the info Maureen, but I do not do well at speaking in public. XO
  18. People still use Cool Text? ewww thats nasty I do graphic design, mines are not always great, I made some of them ages ago, however anything is better than generated stuff.
  19. Had to change my avatar pic, someone else has an eye also. runs away with all the strawberries
  20. So sorry to bring up past news. Is Hippo Technologies and Andy Enfield gone? I have Hippo Complete v5.65, was going to set up server/vendors for a rent system. I was sent to a site from the news web page. Wants me to pay to enter the store.I do not think so. The rent boxes I have out are still working fine at SL and on the web. Maybe I need a new system.
  21. Hello all,thank you for your posts,as I received the same email today Nov 6th. I usually come to the forum first to read if I can not get things resolved. The second to the last issue I read about stated that the Direct Delivery was postponed indefinitely. I am using Magic Boxes 4 years now.I have never had to redeliver an item. So I suppose LL will punish me now for using the MB by selling my items for free :cattongue: to LL
  22. I came to the forum,thought I broke the viewer!Good to know ITs THEM. I try to be patient,however,another update today,as I moved to new land and just rezzed my store.Big project. I edit a lot and I can not see how many prims are there to move things around.I am in the sky which looks more like a gradient texture than sky.Scary I just laugh. What I do not understand is why they break it in the first place! ha ha! Bring back local lights after all these months and then break the object prim count. Gotta love it. thanks all, XO Mb
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