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  1. Both of these are within SL at the Tabletop Hall. Not much planned for during the week, but there are going to be some more games come the weekend. I am debating running some tutorial classes on how to play 5E within SL if there's any interest, but my personal schedule is pretty packed at the moment. https://secondlife.com/destination/studiodire-tabletop-hall?sourceid=dgw1
  2. The honor is mine! I am always excited to see new games getting started inworld and new stories being written.
  3. I'm definitely going to be watching this. Thank you for sharing your party's story and taking the time to record it. Do you mind if I add the link to the Tabletop Hall's library in one of the books?
  4. All of that sounds awesome. I'd recommend dropping by the Tabletop Hall to put that on the notice board. Saving Throw's coming up in a week so there'll be a lot of folks and potential players wandering through the Hall.
  5. Having it open for everyone would be an ideal, but you'd run in to problems with a paid ticketed event like Gen Con. It'd be horrible if there was a full sim not allowing a person that paid for a ticket to a game to go to that game. Next year if they do it again I'd like to see a hybrid of the two, sims with open access all the time and areas with restricted access to ensure that those that paid for tickets get the experience paid for. What I'd be really interested in seeing is how they implement bridging the floor area for the exhibitors from RL with SL, and if they'll have a section for
  6. First started roleplaying in SL.... in the public sandboxes. This was long before RP sims were really a thing. Stopped for a number of years and then started again at different sims, The Wastelands for one. I've been thinking about joining one of the steampunk ones recently but haven't decided yet, free time is always hard to come by.
  7. I used to do the normal SL RP a long time ago. Post apocalyptic marauding, fantasy thieving.... hmm, always some form of banditry now that I think about it. Wasn't really why I started playing SL and certainly hasn't taken the majority of my time. These days I'm just me, but on occasion I'll play D&D or other games inside SL at a table.
  8. Oh, a big thank you to all those that volunteered! Whenever a new person had a question about how to do something or go somewhere in the group chat, there was always five or six people jumping up to help them.
  9. For those that want to check the build out and wander around: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/VGCExperience Alpha/49/218/502 That'll take you to the main street. There's a Teleport HUD that lets you go to the different levels. For a last minute event, I think they've done quite well. The scheduling and access was awkward for sure, but I think the whole thing will be a learning experience. I ran one of the games at the event, and played in a different one. It was really interesting to see people who were logging in to SL for the first or second time ever have a blast
  10. My original account was made: 08/31/2004 (15 years 2 months; 5552 days) And I have a before/after pic. How things have changed. I remember joining SL because I saw it featured on TechTV and thought the idea of a game where I could make anything I wanted sounded really interesting.
  11. Just finished up a new friend, I mean guard, for my store. Someone has to scare away all the pesky rogues.
  12. Idling away some time thinking about my next story and where to start on the next custom miniature I've been requested to do.
  13. Hello File! It's been a year since we did the playtests so those have been taken care of but I do appreciate the miniature suggestions. I'm familiar with all of those except for Fists of Furry? Though now I have a really awesome mental image of Kung Fury but with furries instead. I'm actually going to release a free script kit soon so that anyone and everyone can make whatever miniatures/maps they want to share/sell. But if you or anyone else are interested, I'd love to get some testing on this notice board thing I scripted at the Hall to help get some games started for everyone. It's a n
  14. My waking up music today! I am waking up seriously late.
  15. This reminds me of a Restaurant to Another World. The idea of having a place for characters from any world to come and interact is very cool. It'd be a good waystation for people to visit when the sims they normally play at are slow and could be a way of finding places to play that don't advertise as well as they could. The only problem I can see would be some places wouldn't like their players bringing back tales of some outside setting location. Maybe include a suggestion somewhere within the setting (say on a menu notecard or texture) that experiences there should be forgotten or consi
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