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  1. My original account was made: 08/31/2004 (15 years 2 months; 5552 days) And I have a before/after pic. How things have changed. I remember joining SL because I saw it featured on TechTV and thought the idea of a game where I could make anything I wanted sounded really interesting.
  2. Just finished up a new friend, I mean guard, for my store. Someone has to scare away all the pesky rogues.
  3. That screenshot's from the old Hackers movie. So I'd hazard a guess that someone's pranking you, and if not, I wouldn't recommend downloading a viewer based around a fictional hacker's virus.
  4. Idling away some time thinking about my next story and where to start on the next custom miniature I've been requested to do.
  5. Hello File! It's been a year since we did the playtests so those have been taken care of but I do appreciate the miniature suggestions. I'm familiar with all of those except for Fists of Furry? Though now I have a really awesome mental image of Kung Fury but with furries instead. I'm actually going to release a free script kit soon so that anyone and everyone can make whatever miniatures/maps they want to share/sell. But if you or anyone else are interested, I'd love to get some testing on this notice board thing I scripted at the Hall to help get some games started for everyone. It's a new script I made so I'm not 100% sure it'll work without spontaneously combusting in to virtual flames at some point... And hi Fionalein! I can only speak for myself, but I don't always use the map boards, I only use them when it's a larger battle since it makes it much easier to keep track of who's where doing what. Thank you for mentioning the Faire, myself and a few others are actually running tabletop games at the Fantasy Faire this year like we did last year! And we are looking for more gamemasters to volunteer and run some more awesome games to help raise funds for the charity. For those that don't know, the Fantasy Faire is an incredible yearly event that's part of the Relay For Life of Second Life. It helps support the American Cancer Society through donations and goodwill with a variety of special events, not just shopping. Among other things, there are dances, hunts, live performances, quests, auctions, and yes, pen and paper style tabletop games! Until March 31st, we will be accepting applications for storytellers/dungeon masters for those that want to run a game or two at the Fantasy Faire and help out. For more info on the Fantasy Faire, their website is: https://fantasyfairesl.wordpress.com/ And to sign up as a volunteer gamemaster for the tabletop portion, please visit here for more information. https://fftabletop.weebly.com/gm-hosting.html I will be running a 5E one shot that I'm writing for the first time at this year's Faire. It involves steampunk goblins. And robots. And a temple hidden away on a floating island. And lots and lots of goblin alcohol. That's all I will say on it.
  6. My waking up music today! I am waking up seriously late.
  7. This reminds me of a Restaurant to Another World. The idea of having a place for characters from any world to come and interact is very cool. It'd be a good waystation for people to visit when the sims they normally play at are slow and could be a way of finding places to play that don't advertise as well as they could. The only problem I can see would be some places wouldn't like their players bringing back tales of some outside setting location. Maybe include a suggestion somewhere within the setting (say on a menu notecard or texture) that experiences there should be forgotten or considered a dream after leaving?
  8. Taking a break from decorating the new tabletop RPG hangout I'm putting together. I always perch on the highest point.
  9. Eating a brunch burrito, listening to music, and working on a wolf head drinking vessel in Blender. The warm up/procrastination to making a female elven necromancer miniature.
  10. Certainly! And with that, there are now four spots left in our planned group of playtest GMs. If anyone else wants to give it a try, let me know and I'll get with you as soon as possible. For the holiday our playtest GMs are getting our Fallen Cupids miniatures and in addition to that, our first kit of Structure pieces to help add walls, windows, doors, and other things to your games. An example of what's possible with it all is shown below.
  11. Only six spots remain! Still looking for qualified dungeon masters, game masters, and storytellers to give our kits a run through in one shots or short campaigns. As a bonus, all twelve are getting a special Valentine's Day inspired Fallen Cupid set of miniatures that comes with a life size static prop version to upset the neighbors with.
  12. Thank you! Gamemaster Kits are headed your way. Eight more spots available!
  13. Welcome to the group and glad to have you. Shadowrun's one of my favorites too! Years ago I was a rigger with Renraku in an RP sim in SL. I miss that sim still.
  14. Thank you. It's been a lot of work but making something that everyone can enjoy rightly should be. The most challenging part is making the humanoid miniatures like these bandits. The accessories and rigging them for posing is troublesome. Once any bugs have been worked out of playing games with it all, I intended to make merchant miniature bases to open it up and let other creators make even more unique miniatures available for people to use. Done and done. /studioDire/ Tabletop - Community is open and free inworld. Those that get the Gamemaster Kit will be able to post notices to recruit players and if it goes well and takes off I can probably set up a Google Calendar or something to help with scheduling. Group can be found through Search or using this link: https://my.secondlife.com/groups/e5ed3820-6f3a-7d85-9489-075004501269
  15. Thank you for the luck! I will take as much as I can get. Awesome! Gamemaster Kit sent to you inworld. If you have any issues with setup let me know, and I would love to hear how an Army of Darkness game goes. If your players want their own dice/phone/cardstock minis, Player Kits are and will always be free.
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