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  1. Does anyone know in what order the servers handle and process scripts in a sim? I'm in a RP sim that uses a meter and it seems in the last 4 months or so it is really laggy throwing off the skills. In the same 4 months, there has been in increase in prim avis such as the werewolf avis, angel wings, etc that use scripts as well as the clothing and hair scripts nd weapon scripts. I'm trying to track down if the lag is being caused by the order the server processes the scripts in or just overall lag because of the number of scripts. Thanks. for your help.
  2. Phoenix has replaced Emerald. If you are a bit adventurous, you can also try Firestorm, the Phoenix version of V2 the way it should have been. They've cleaned up the code and made it super easy to customize it to look the way you want it to.
  3. I would suggest you join the group Seeking Roleplay. I know there is a new sim opening featuring the use of VTM, no meter, just RP. Ask in the group and I'm sure someone will be happy to direct you.
  4. What category are you using to file the report? I would go with encroachment and griefing myself. The secure thing is effectively spam griefing you on your own parcel. Griefing tends to get a bit higher priority.
  5. ok, first, what viewer are you using. This problem is usually because your puter and the SL server are not connecting up. First try TPing to a different sim. If that doesn't work then the best way I have found to fix the problem is this. 1. If you don't have the 1.23 SL viewer download it and then log in to a different sim, such as Pooley. To do this, on your log in screen go to edit, preferences and then check Show start location on login screen. You can then go down and type in Pooley. 2. change your bald cap. If you aren't wearing one, you can find one in your inventory. That seems to be what fixes it the fastest for me. 3, Under advanced (hit ctlr, alt, D to get it up) go character and test male or female, that will put you back to the default SL avi. 4. Now, you should be able to wear your original skin and avi. Be sure you let your inventory load completely before you sign out. 5. Now sign in on your regular viewer. Good luck
  6. Given the fact that the OP stated that his friend saw the difference as well, then the problem is the LL network, not his. So adjustments to the OP's personal puter won't really fix the problem.
  7. AR him immediately and copy the log where he asked you to get into sexual RP. Any sexual encounters between and adult and child avis is against SL TOS and needs to be reported. SL frowns on this behavior and will not tolerate it.
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