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  1. Just tried to log in with 1.23.5... looks like its gone (havent attempted to use it in months, so no idea when it went
  2. Yes...I posted yesterday on my blog about how seldom we ever see a Linden in world "On their own time". I realise that running a company won't leave much time to 'play' in world... but it is important. And yup...since spewer 2.ought oh is likely mandatory for all Lindens....make and alt and try all the third party viewers...I suspect the reason so many of us refuse the debacle that's 2.0 will bvecome clear.
  3. Hmmm....Guessing I must not be that much of a "joiner"... 3.5 years here and I've yet to have more than 20 (I think) groups. Sim crossing improvements yay! Keeping inventory in 4 digits has always helped that.
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