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  1. I have a Halloween-themed amusement park and am looking for profit split and/or affiliate vendors with the appropriate themes (Halloween, Goth, gachas etc.) There's no rent charged, just profit sharing. I don't see a forum for this?
  2. As someone who actually had my accounts hacked last year, here are my two cents. The person who hacked my account was a scripter I hired to create a game system for me. He needed access to my web server to create the database for the system. It used a similar, but not the same, password as my SL account. Over the course of a few weeks he used that information to guess the passwords to my two main SL accounts. He then created payment scripts and inserted them into various objects I owned, including land rental boxes, and accepted debit permissions for them. The scripts gave him the power to send a command and take money from me with any avatar. He began slowly siphoning money from my accounts. I didn't notice right away, because some of the transactions appeared to be game payments. Then he started taking more using the rental boxes. While this was happening I had no idea he was accessing my accounts. I found out when one night I was on with an alt and saw myself log in. It was an incredibly creepy and violating feeling. I immediately logged myself in to knock him out, then changed my passwords. At first I had no idea who it was, until some trustworthy scripter friends helped me discover the extent of the hack. He had taken over $1000 USD by that point. Of course I filed a complaint with Linden Lab. I got about half the money back. Most of it was what he had taken using the rental boxes. It was hard on their side for me to prove that the game winnings were not legitimate payments. Since then he has tried repeatedly to get into my accounts, use his old hacks, etc. Then and now, Linden Lab gave me no tools to protect myself. Until I saw my own avatar, I had no idea someone else was accessing my accounts. I had and still have no means of protecting myself. I actually purchased one of those text message online alert devices and added my own avatars to it, as that's the only way I can know for sure someone else isn't logging in as me. The entire mess could have been prevented with two factor authentication. I would've gotten a notice that someone was trying to log in from a new IP address, and could have reported it, or in any case, he would not have successfully accessed my accounts. No, two factor authentication won't protect you from the FBI, KGB, or anyone else with extreme hacking skills. But it will keep out the average loser who would care enough to try to hack into a SL account. The FBI doesn't give a rat's you know what about my virtual reality. I needed protection from some jerk in Germany who wanted to steal my money. I didn't get it. This needs to change.
  3.  Solace Beach Estates has a rare and very limited opportunity to rent grandfathered sims at a reduced rate. We are offering the following rates as a special PayPal only offer: Full sim: $275 per month. 1 available Homestead: $110 per month. 1 available Estate manager rights are included and there is no covenant. This is a PayPal only offer. Renter must pay monthly or quarterly. If you've been looking for an affordable region for your club or roleplay group, this is a rare opportunity to get a sim for less than LL tier! Get a low-cost yet full powered sim to share with friends, or feed your breedable pet addiction. Set up a Gacha event or yard sale... Adult content IS OK. Anything you've dreamed of doing is possible. Hurry before it's gone! For more information please contact Ayesha Lytton via inworld IM. IMs go to email and are preferred over notecards.
  4. One full sim is rented, one remains available.... If you've been looking for an affordable region for your club or roleplay group, this is a rare opportunity to get a sim for less than LL tier! Get a low-cost yet full powered sim to share with friends, or feed your breedable pet addiction. Set up a Gacha event or yard sale... Adult content IS OK. Anything you've dreamed of doing is possible. Hurry before it's gone!
  5.  Solace Beach Estates has a rare and very limited opportunity to rent grandfathered sims at a reduced rate. We are offering the following rates as a special PayPal only offer: Full sim: $275 per month. 2 available Homestead: $110 per month. 1 available Estate manager rights are included and there is no covenant. This is a PayPal only offer. Renter must pay monthly or quarterly. Sim renames cost $50 US one-time fee, must be tasteful and within PG guidelines, although the sim can have any rating or use that you want. For more information please contact Ayesha Lytton via inworld IM. IMs go to email and are preferred over notecards.
  6. I am looking for a scripter for a few different projects. Must be able to start immediately and focus on the projects. Skill gaming scripting, gacha scripting, and/or bot programming experience is preferred. Please IM Ayesha Lytton in world with some info about you. Thanks!
  7. Beautiful City Sim Complex seeks event Fashion and sales events are the new marketing paradigm in SL. Have you been considering starting an event, but worry about the sim cost and creating a build? Save time and money - let us host your event! San Diego 3D is a two region community based on the real world city of San Diego, California. We offer a beautiful shopping destination complete with replicas of famous landmarks, venues with weekly live music and other activities. We are seeking to host a monthly sales or Gacha event to help drive traffic and cover our tier. We are open to either a rental setup, or preferably, a percentage of sales via vendor scripts. We have several large buildings open for event space, and could also host a cart/street sale. We are open and flexible to a variety of arrangements. IM Ayesha Lytton in SL to discuss your project and ideas!
  8. To an extent, I agree with you Snowpaw. If money is just being used for tier and not cashed out, some of these rules shouldn't apply, I'm OK with requiring games to be approved, but to operate them you should only have to sign an agreement that you'll only run approved games. It's ridiculous to require expensive legal opinions just to have games. On a related note, there is a licensed attorney writing creator legal opinions for L$30k, and operators as low as L$5k per game if you run 20+ games. While still costly, this is FAR less than others have wanted, and is helpful for ensuring games can continue. If anyone needs the name of this attorney please IM me inworld.
  9. Hey Durandir, did you enjoy playing my games? You made 250L$ payins, when my sim minimum is 20L$, I hardly think you were testing to see how they're played. The policy states that win or loss must be based primarily on skill. They do not say that the amount won must be determined based on score or skill. To be fair, a win should pay back at least what was paid in for that game...but there is no rule that appears to affect Winks and such. Further, luck can pay a small role - enough to ensure some profit to the owner. With a combination of a small luck element affecting say 10-15% of games, and unskilled players making mistakes, you have a profitable skill game. The owner could also take a rake - a percent from each game played. That is how Gridwide games work. Typically 80% of payins go to players, 10% to the owner of the sim, and 10% to the gridwide network operator. Players only compete against each other.
  10. Yes, but you can have skill games - and even chance games - that don't accept L$. For example a free poker table is allowed. We know they have not allowed chance games for which you exchange L$ for tokens and vice versa. But what about a skill game that uses tokens that are NOT purchased with L$. For example you buy them on a website that is not connected to SL. It seems that LL is concerned with the usage of L$ for games. If L$ is not used at all, they shouldn't care, right? I'm asking them to answer. All the rest of us can do is speculate.
  11. I'm talking about a game that is not a chance game, neither accepts nor pays L$ but accept US Dollars or some other currency added via an external website. Would that be allowed?
  12. Ensure that the “llTransferLindenDollars” Linden Scripting Language function will be used for all outgoing Linden Dollar transactions for each Skill Game; and Verify that each purchaser of its approved Skill Games has been approved by Linden Lab as an Operator through the Skill Gaming application process. Linden Lab will maintain a list of Operators." But if a game neither accepts nor pays L$ it wouldn't have this function. Skill Gaming is not permitted in the Second Life area in which Linden Lab is the estate owner (the “Mainland”). It shall be a violation of this Skill Gaming Policy to create, operate, or offer Skill Games in Second Life without a License or outside an approved Skill Gaming Region, or to circumvent the prohibitions set out in Section 6." Yes but they define a skill game as accepting and paying out L$, so any game that doesn't would not fall under the definition. See what I mean?
  13. Question for Linden Lab: The definition of a Skill game for purposes of licensing specifies that it accepts/allows AND pays out L$. If a skill game does not accept or pay L$, but uses US Dollars or another currency and does not in any way involve L$, would it be permitted a) at all, and b) on a non-gaming region?
  14. Hello all game operators and creators. My attorney has been approached by several people needing help with compliance, and bringing up doubts regarding the legality of the new LL changes. We are putting together a group to approach LL, plus he can provide individual assistance. There will be a cost, but the more people we can get together, the more affordable it will be plus a better chance of success, if we unite as a group. Please IM me in world if you're interested.
  15. Hi, I need some clarification. I have no problem complying with this, EXCEPT it appears that the "operator account" can't give or receive L$ from anywhere else. I own almost all of my machines with this same account that I use for my land business. I get tier payments, shop, go to live music and tip, etc. What is the point of taking in L$ if I can't spend it on things in SL? Please tell me I'm reading this wrong.
  16. I'm looking for someone to translate some ads and notecard text from English into Arabic. Please IM Ayesha Lytton inworld if you can help. Thanks!
  17. I'm in urgent need of a Homestead for a client - please contact me, Ayesha Lytton, inworld if you have one to sell. Thank you.
  18. Solace Beach Estates is seeking an additional estate manager / customer service professional to assist our residents with their land needs. Duties will include answering support tickets and customer IMs, responding to sales inquiries, setting properties for sale, decorating and landscaping vacant properties, evicting delinquent tenants, transferring rent from one property to another, etc. Hours are flexible, but it is preferred if you can have office / availability hours during either European or American prime time. The ideal candidate should meet the following requirements: - Experience with using the estate management tools - familiar with all land settings, as well as joining and dividing parcels - able to terraform and tastefully decorate land (landscaping items and/or funds for shopping will be provided) - Great customer service skills, friendly and patient with newbies and difficult customers - a friendly profile with no visible explicit groups - Previous experience with estate management or land sales is preferred, but not an absolute requirement - Ability to hear voice is essential, ability and willingness to use voice yourself is preferred. - must be fluent in English, a second language is a plus but not required - must be on line consistently and daily. No unexplained absences. - Drama free! We welcome diverse avatars to apply - human, furry, tiny, alternative style, etc. are all welcome. We are LGBT friendly. Since this is a position of trust, with access to estate settings, payment records, and other sensitive information, you must be willing to provide your real name, city, and phone number to estate owner Ayesha Lytton. She will provide you with her contact information as well. Your personal information will not be disclosed to tenants or customers. Payment for this position is one quarter region of free land, or one half region, depending on the amount of work you wish to take on. Payment of one quarter region free plus L$5000 weekly is also a possibility. The provided land can be your choice of grass or beach, and has a minimal covenant with residential, business, and club usage permitted - so you can use it for whatever business or project you wish. The land is moderate rated, but adult rated may be possible depending on availability. For more information please contact Ayesha Lytton by IM or inworld.
  19. I am seeking someone competent in both web development and SL scripting to assist with an urgent, emergency situation. Several months ago I hired an individual to be our staff scripter for Solace Beach Estates. I got to know her well and had her phone number and knew where she lived - a town near where I grew up. She proved herself to be trustworthy, or so I thought, and eventually I moved all of my websites, including personal sites and the Solace Beach website and rental database to a server she rents. She was working in exchange for half a sim free and it was a great deal for me. However two weeks ago she disappeared. No one including her SL partner knows where she is. At first we were afraid she was in the hospital, but now there's growing evidence that she has simply walked out on all of us. Most of what she's told us has turned out to be false, and I've spent hours and hours running every scrap of information about her through Google and people search databases and come up with nothing. Whoever she is, she's very good at covering her tracks. My websites are still up for now, but that could change at any time as we have no idea what has happened to this girl. I am terrified that the Solace Beach site will go down and I'll lose the whole rental database - everyone's payment records. I need someone who can assist me with figuring out how to move everything to a new host. I am not very technical at all when it comes to web development and databases. I have access to the cPanel for all my sites but I'm not sure how to get to the database. If you can assist with this project please contact me as soon as possible and give me an idea of how much you would charge. I don't have a lot of money, which is why I had the free rent for scripting arrangement in the first place. But my business is at risk here, so I have to get this figured out. You can reach me through Second Life as Ayesha Lytton or e-mail ayesha@shadowsong.com Thanks!
  20. Solace Beach Estates is offering a great deal for a live music venue...free land! We have a beautiful green forest themed sim that could use a few more tenants, so to help boost traffic, we're offering this unique opportunity. We are looking for a venue that will commit to holding events at least 2 hours per day, 2 days per week. More is better! We prefer a live music venue, but clubs that offer DJ events are also welcome. Any and all music genres are welcome, including rock, formal/ballroom, folk, etc. You may have an outdoor venue or a building that fits with the sim theme. It will need to be placed on the ground with a clear and inviting entrance from the road. The land we will provide for you is approx. 4096 sq.m. with 937 prims. If you need more space, you may rent additional parcels at your expense. You are responsible for paying performers and staff. We cover tier only. You may operate a store or shopping area on your parcel in addition to the club. You will be given access to post notices to our estate wide group which has over 6000 members, plus free placement in our advertising network. We can guarantee this offer for 3 months, and then hopefully longer if land rentals on the sim improve. For more information please IM Ayesha Lytton in world. Thanks!
  21. San Diego 3D / Solace Beach Estates is looking for a qualified person to organize a quarterly arts and entertainment themed Gacha event. Your job will be to work with me, the estate owner, to find designers, get them set up on the sims, publicize the event, network with bloggers, and everything else that goes into creating a great event. The ideal candidate will have experience with organizing shopping events, and great connections within the gacha world, fashion scene, art community, and/or music community. We do have some designers that will participate, but the ability to recruit more is key to this job. A professional, drama-free attitude is a must. Please have solid writing and spelling skills, and be able to write good advertisements. Photoshop/graphic design experience is nice, but not required as I or others can help if needed. The ability to voice and/or Skype is a big plus as it will make planning much easier. You should have good availability to work, but I can be online at a variety of times, so just let me know your time zone/schedule and it will probably be fine. This will be a profit-split gacha event, so you will receive a lower stipend, but pay will go up the more designers/sales we get. For more information please IM Ayesha Lytton in-world. Thanks!
  22. Solace Beach Estates / City 3D is seeking an event organizer to establish our San Diego 3D sims as a top destination for in-world shopping. This job will include recruiting designers, helping them set up their merchandise, connecting with bloggers, and updating a Wordpress-based website for the event. Good connections and a professional attitude are a must, and we prefer to hire someone with past experience in event organizing. Ability to voice/skype is a plus. Payment will be a % of designer participation fees, to be decided prior to starting employment. We want to offer a bi-monthly event shopping experience, themed around various aspects of the city of San Diego. For example, one month could be Zoo, with animal print fashions, shoulder pets, cute animal avatars, etc. - another Surfing, with beach wear and surf items. We would like to recruit popular designers, along with up-and-coming creators of high quality items. We are open to a wide variety of items - skins, furniture, fashion, etc. but all clothing should be partial or full mesh. We are open to a regular or Gacha event - your ideas will help determine the direction we take. The sim is already built and includes popular San Diego landmarks as well as some established stores. Most event stores will be carts or tents, but we can offer incentives to take permanent shops - again to be discussed. If you're interested, please contact Ayesha Lytton in-world. Thanks!
  23. Hi, I have a full prim sim available for sale. Must be moved and renamed (included in price, as is transfer fee.) $300 obo. Tier date is the 28th. I have extended support. IM Ayesha Lytton for more info. Also open to monthly rental via L$ or Paypal
  24. Black Pearl Games, a division of Solace Beach Estates, is seeking a manager and marketing assistant for our gaming parlor. We have games such as No Devil, Wizard, Stomp the Fox, Roto Loto, Core S, etc. We are looking for someone with experience working in or operating a gaming place, especially hosting and marketing. We will also consider someone with other Second Life work experience who plays games regularly and knows a lot of players. If you love games and you have ideas about what makes a great place, this is the job for you. Duties will include recruiting and networking with players, sending notices to our group, checking out new games and trends, etc. Your primary job will be to bring in new players and be friendly with existing players, so great people skills are essential. Good contacts in the gaming world are a major plus. * You must be willing and comfortable with person to person viral marketing, talking to friends and strangers about our games. * Please have a professional attitude and profile. Prefer if you can use voice or Skype for training and occasional meetings. Hours: You MUST be available for about 1/2 hour between Midnight and 2am SLT at least 3 days per week. Other hours are flexible according to your schedule, but some availability during either European or American primetime or both would be ideal. Starting pay is 2000L$ per week, with the opportunity to earn more based on performance. If you work hard and increase our players and earnings, your pay can go up to 5000L$ per week. Please send a note card to Ayesha Lytton in world with information about you, your interest in the job and your experience. Thanks!
  25. Still looking... If you love games this is the job for you, hope to hear from you!
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