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  1. Then explain to me why the only thing that changed in the equation was time. But never mind. I shan't trouble you all any more. This is the most unhelpful bunch of people I've encountered on line... well, ever. It's good to see "blame the victim" is a live and well.
  2. It would be much more accurate to say I pay for simulator resources. And it's pretty clear I'm not getting them.
  3. Syo Emerald wrote: Also...speaking of paying for something...playing that card is lame. You can do that other games, where you are actually forced to pay to play...but premium membership doesn't include any magical promise that third party viewer (!) and your own internet connection will bring up great results, especially in an invironment made by users. I don't understand the logic. I do pay for my account. I expect that a quid pro quo does exist between me and Linden Labs. I pay. They deliver a service. On the contrary, one who doe not pay has not reason to complain, since they exchange nothing in return for any service.
  4. The non-rendering objects problem does appear to be the bug in which a right-click on the object (assuming you know where it should be) restores it to visibility instantly. I just confirmed it with some landscape objects near my home.
  5. I know what I'm talking about and I know the difference between kilobytes per second and kilobits per second and my network connection gives me a reliable, sustained 800+ KBytes per second end-to-end. My in-house network from the DSL modem to the computer on which I run Firestorm is cabled gigabit Ethernet. I've used the speed test sites (several of them) many times. Just now it reports 7.06 Mbps. Now can we dispense with the suggestion that this is a network capacity problem at my end?
  6. There is no setting in the SL viewer beyond my network connection's capacity.
  7. For the record, my cache was set to 4 GB. (I've now increased it to 8 GB.) Every one seems fixated on the my network capacity, but since my connection has more than 2x what the SL viewer will allow itself to use (and I do have it set at its maximum limit, 3000 Kbits per second), that does not explain the symptom. I should make clear that this is a very new phenomenon in my experience, beginning only in the past few weeks. When I posted that it was because I was extremely frustrated at being in a social setting with almost entirely grey avatars for a protracted time.
  8. You cannot set the player's bandwidth control to a value over 3000 Kbits per second, or approximately 350 KBytes per second.
  9. Motherboard: ASUS P8Z68 Deluxe/Gen3 CPU: Intel i7 2600K Quad Core w/ HyperThreading; 3.4 GHz RAM: 16 GB Video card: EVGA nVidia GeForce GTX 680; PCIe 3.0; 2 GB GDDR5 RAM Internet: DSL; Inbound rate: > 800 KBytes / sec sustained. System disk: PCI-attached SSD card (OCZ RevoDrive x2)
  10. The fact that I have had a long experience in which this symptom did not previously occur is irrelevant? I do not agree. My hardware is not "less than adequate." My Internet connection is (much) more than adequate. Even if it were less than adequate, one would expect that eventually the grey avatars would resolve. But after many minutes (a half hour and more) they remain. If your assertion is that the problem is with my computer and / or graphics hardware or with my Internet connection (latency or bandwidth), there is no evidence that this is so. RS
  11. I'm aware of server-side baking, but since the previous version of Firestorm, 4.3.x, had the same problem and since the server side of server-side baking has not been enabled by Linden Labs, it seems irrelevant. RS
  12. Seriously... Everywhere I go, I see grey people. If there are a very few around, they eventually recover their proper appearance, but when there's a group (like six or more?) it never changes. It's not much of an experience like this. I've been in SL over six years and generally keep up with upgrades and have up-to-date, high-performance hardware and a good internet connection. At first I thought this was a Firestorm 4.4 issue, so I backed up to 4.3, but it's the same. Also, I've seen a great increase in non-avatar rendering failures. Large chunks of buildings and landscape objects never rez (remain invisible or transparent). What gives? Oh, and... I do have a paid account and own (and rent) land. Rudy
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