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  1. As chosen said expresses can only be added currently using alpha masked portions, how ever if your model is broken down properly it can be used with minimal performance impact. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Orange-Nova-Bifrost-Bunny-Beige/5051603 This avatar uses alphed sections for the jaw(just the expressions, talking is via bone movement) eye lids and finger positions, each of those sections is a seperate object with up to 8 faces used for different poses. Transfer attributes in maya (or other modifier equivalant) can be used to maintain proper normal angles and remove the appearance of object seams on most models. So yes it is possible, it just takes a lot of work to pull off correctly.
  2. If I remember right skin wrap has issues exporting to a number of different formats in 3d studio, try converting the skin wrap to a standard skin modifier and see if it produces the same error.
  3. Here's the updated video with all the secondary animations running.
  4. I'll upload another video when I get a chance, I solved the issue of doing ear movement and blinking by using the skull (not to be confused with mSkull) bone to control the blink and then chin and nose for the ears.
  5. I've tried using underscores in place of spaces for bone names, SL just doesn't seem to make the connection and forces all of those vertices to the center of...well usually the simulator I'm on.
  6. I ran across a thread ages ago with a video showing someone using some fancy trickery to get attachment points to displace. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Mesh/How-to-Morphing-avatar-meshes-sort-of/td-p/444963 Thread was short and had closed long before I got there but after a little practice I've had a chance to put the information to practical use. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yi34y7Nt3_8&feature=player_embedded The short and sweat of it is you can use SOME attachment points as bones, those bones retain thier position untill the client resets and can accept BVH animation just as any other joint in the SL skeleton, however it must match the name, in the case of the video above I used the Chin and Nose points to rig the blink while the Mouth point controls the..well mouth. The downside I've found to this method is that you cant use any point that has a space in it, Left Pec, Right Pec, Left Ear, Right Ear, etc even renaming the joints in the DAE file cause..hilarious errors. This method requires a lot of tweaking, chances are the first time you use it something will look odd, the upload view port is fairly acurate though so if you see a bunch of geometery floating in the distance..90% of the time you may want to look at your rigging again :P Some tips, for those using maya you must have a full bone for these points other wise the exporter throws them out, so you'll have Chin and an end effector, the name doesn't matter it can't actually effect the skin. For those in other packages..I have no idea, I haven't had the time to learn blender and my rigging experiments in 3d studio tend to end in frustration with the exporter :P So far I've tested the visablity in the Vanilla, Exodus, and Firestorm viewers and it seems to work pretty well.
  7. Make sure when your binding your mesh to the bones you uncheck the option remove unused influences. Maya will automaticly drop out any bones that are not required upon export and the current SL importer requires every bone to be present in bone array on rigged mesh uploads. That option has fixed 99.9% of my issues with the greyout upload box.
  8. This is related to object scale, mesh object are still restricted to the mimimum object is 0.01m in sl and if object exceeds that it will default that object to the smallest size that it can. The only way to fix this in the case of small detail objects, like the ribbons is to combine them with the larger objects so that all sides exceede the mimimum size requirement.
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