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  1. So i finally got my SL mesh av to import, texture, and work properly. Now i'm trying to experiment with uploading different sizes. But no matter what i do, whether it be during upload, in the editing program, or in the SL world, whenever i wear the mesh, it snaps to the size of my av. Is there a step im missing that would allow me to CHOOSE the scale of my mesh avatar?
  2. I've built an avatar, i've rigged it to the SL skeleton and exported with COLLADA as a .dae from Maya. When i try to upload to SL, the skinweights checkbox is sometimes greyed out, and sometimes it lets me check it. But even when it allows me to check the skin weights box, nothing happens with the avatar. It just uploads to SL as a mesh object that will not move. What am i doing wrong?...  Please help! I've followed at least 5 tutorials on how to do this but none help!
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