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  1. Take the majority of user options off of the viewer and put them in the download page. In effect, build a custom viewer for each person at download. You have that now really except it is presented in a disjointed and unorganized way. You have the social viewer (Viewer 2), the builder's viewer (viewer 1.23) and the bleeding edge viewer (Snowglobe). You could take it further with viewers like a Machinima's veiwer (Kristain's Viewer for example) and a furry viewer (one with different morph targets for things like paws and muzzles).

    If you could pull out a lot of code out of the viewer, you would reduce the size of the viewer itself, lowering the bandwidth cost per download. Right now a freebie account costs as much as a full premium member's in terms of bandwidth and server time. If you could remove 10meg worth of option functionality and put it on a web page, the cost savings will add up rather quickly when you are talking millions of downlaods.

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