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  1. Given this input and the fact that that I had picked my bucket up at 11:45, I went to try and get another one and was refused with a "sorry you already have one and are not allowed to get another" message. How are we supposed to update our buckets with at one per customer limit on them?


  2. Houseboats may not be quite as rare as they feel. I had been fishing for a houseboat for the past three weeks -- they made an  appearance almost (but not quite) daily. I probably checked the LP about 20 times a day at random intervals, and on average I saw almost (not quite) one houseboat a day.

    I had certain criteria for my boat.. including open water view out of the front window and preferable some land nearby.. .even if it was just a tiny piece of reef or island. It took me about 3 weeks to find one that met my criteria.

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  3. I can almost guarantee that whatever house you are looking for (with the exception of chalet, campers and fantasy) will have been up recently but when you go for it, it wont be there for a few days (Murphy's law).  But if you keep checking several times a day for a few days, you are bound to get one


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  4. the best bet for getting a house near water is either houseboats (on water but not traditional house), stilt (comes in 3 flavors: on land, on water or on pier) or fantasy. If you get a pier or on water, you are guaranteed to be by the water if you get an On Land, you have a 50-50 change of bordering the water, but even if you are not against the water, there will be water easily in sight. More than half of the fantasy homes boarder a stream, pond or lake.

    There are nice coastal or river water spots for vics and trads, but those are not quite as common. I cant speak for log cabins or campers.. there are water spots along lakes and rivers, but I dont know how common they are.

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  5. Just now, Rabid Cheetah said:


    I like walking right up to the parcel border, derendering their house, and finding out if they are naked.


    LOL Rabid! I am afraid I would disappoint you. It is very rare that I try on a new skin and other than that, I am always fully dressed.

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  6. My temp alt expired today. I had originally gotten her to try for a fantasy home, but I caught one I liked on an annual premium alt, so I used this one to "fish" for houseboats. I had no real luck finding spots I liked and today I was to downgrade her back to non-premium cuz her month was running out. I decided to try one last time.. and caught a houseboat I really like.

    It is in a small grouping at the base of a lighthouse on Trafalgar. My neighbor had a lovely floating garden with lots of tall trees. It was pretty to look at but it blocked a nicer view, so I decided to derender it. And when I did... wow!

    I will be keeping this at least another month, and probably much longer than that. Here are a few pictures:1320960731_TrafalgarHouseboatviewfromlivingroom_001.png.c134b17fbb75db638d4bbf2e177a2474.png

    Trafalgar Houseboat Lighthouse_002.png

    Trafalgar Houseboat view from balcony_002.png

    Trafalgar Houseboat view from dock_001.png

    Trafalgar Houseboat at sunset_009.png

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  7. 3 minutes ago, Chloe Bunny said:

    Re-size them in a photo editor :)

    what size? I already had downsized mine quite a bit to get 3. Sounds like more downsizing is feasible but it would be helpful to have a target size that looks nice on the forum but is small enough to allow several pictures in a thread


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  8. On 9/15/2021 at 9:58 AM, Torry Turner said:

    Finally got around to putting together my fantasy home. I had the help of a lovely friend :) I did not do much in the back and I put a sunroom in where the patio should be. The home backs up to one of the rivers that runs through Gwynneth Brook.













    how to you get so many photos in a single post? for me it maxes out at 3 pictures


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  9. I personally dont use security systems and it is extremely rare to get someone on my property. I think I have noticed it happen maybe 4 times in the course of a year... and in two cases they merely flew over (low level avatar flying not airplanes) in seconds on their way somewhere else. I have been trying to figure out what the issue is of someone one flies over in airplane at elevation of between 400 and 2000M? If that happens, I dont even notice them and I cant see how it might possibly harm me or my property in any manner.

    I know that there are some people who really enjoy flying around bellisseria, just like some love boating or some love trains. I am fine with them flying over my place.. indeed it is a pity that they are up so high and dont get a chance to admire my lovely outdoor landscaping :)

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  10. another way to search for hard to find stores.. if you already have an object from them either in inventory or rezzed inworld, you can  look at properties (in inventory) or edit object (if rezzed) to get creator's profile. Then look in their picks for their store.

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  11. Is it my imagination, or are all the abandons keeping new regions from coming up? Esp in Chalets and Fantasy Homes.

    For example, I live on the edge of Bookings (Fantasy) since Aug 18. The house next to mine is on Easy Life and has been a Linden Home since the day I got mine.. that whole region is linden homes (as opposed to "protected") ... but not a single one is owned.

    I wonder if so many people are getting/abandoning homes they dont like that it is preventing new regions of Linden homes from being released?

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  12. I know this thread has mostly been about furniture sales (saving money) but at times what you want to save is Land Impact (LI) and not money. So I wanted to let you know about Dekute Dekore -- not cheap and no adult animations, but a wide variety amazing very-low LI PG furniture.

    For example, she has 1 LI sofa/chair/coffee-and-end-table sets that seat two, 4 and 6 person dining room tables/chairs for 1 or 2 LI complete with animations (and some of them also rez low LI meals),1 LI  outdoor bistro tables for two, 1 LI bed-with-nightstands. I even got a grand piano with bench.. not only does it have some animations, it also plays music. There are also sets with separate items (chair, sofa, end table, coffee table, lamp, etc are all only 1 LI each piece). 

    I have several of her pieces. They are a bit squarish/blocky at times but when  you are low on LI and need to decorate large rooms, these can come in very handy.. and generally they look nice. Some of her pieces have texture selection huds build it with different wood and fabric options.

    I thought I would throw in a few photos to give you an idea on a few of the many pieces offered there.... The first is a whole set (lamps, endtables, coffee table, sofa, two chairs.) It seats 2 and LI for all of that is 1LI. The next is a bed with built-in nightstands.. sleeps two and is only 1 LI. The third is a sofa and chair separate pieces, one LI each. I did not buy the other pieces, but there is also a lamp, an endtable and a coffee table all only 1 LI each.

    This is not the serious romance animations, most of her animations are very simple and all are PG. But this is great for filling in room when you are low on LI cuz you also want to do outdoor landscaping.


    1 LI sofa set.png

    1 LI pg bed.png

    Sofa, chair 1 LI each.png

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  13. 1 hour ago, Always Incognito said:

    Im quite nosey so I love to cam into ppls homes and marvel over the beautyful furnishing and all creativity.

    oh I really enjoy that too... walking around a neighborhood and looking at how people decorated their homes and did their landscaping. You are so right, there is so much creativity and beautiful furnishing. In fact, more than once I have seen something I loved, edited to get the creator, then when to the creator's inworld or marketplace store and shopped my heart out.


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  14. I am working on a project and am trying to learn the things that people really enjoy doing in Belli. Some ideas that come to my mind include:

    *landscaping and decorating your home

    *exploring belli neighborhoods (walk, ride horse, drive car)

    *collecting passport stamps

    *riding the trains

    *sailing/driving your boat in belli waters

    *flying planes/aircraft over belli

    *attending special events at Belli fairgrounds

    *visiting clubs and pubs and such in belli

    *visiting art galleries in belli

    *boat parade

    *hot air balloon parade (did I get the name right?)

    *playing Game of Homes

    *other (there must be a slew of other awesome things people enjoy doing here)

    Pls share what you enjoy, whether it is on this list or not.

    Thanks much!!


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  15. On 8/31/2021 at 4:23 PM, Sparkle Bunny said:

    Architect have everything in store for 50L right now.

    (Which is bad news when your home decor alt doubles as your flapper alt and is COMPELLED to buy anything vaguely period-appropriate. As if the last days of gacha hadn't hurt my bank balance enough.)

    could you give the SLURL to that store. I tried SL search and the only thing I could find sold buildings and had nothing about 1/2 of sale.

  16. 10 hours ago, Frigga Freidman said:

    These are the items for the first SL Home Decor Weekend Sale - quite a bit worth checking out, but I won't have the time to have a good look. Items will cost $60-$75, and the sale ends on Sunday at 8pm SL time. https://www.imperioussl.com/gallery/?fbclid=IwAR16PDuCjBxMrJcOJEUHuaJY4NgooANU2h639M30yqwXbPhVYdKgeIF8Q4s

    I'm hoping that in future weeks the organizers will add the vendors' names more prominently, and include links.

    EDIT: If you join the inworld group, all the landmarks are provided in a notecard.

    Thank you for posting this. I joined the group and got a couple of the sale items. I was gonna post a picture but see someone already beat me to it...

    This round was love/hate for me. I just LOVE the  Broken Arrows "I love coffee" kitchen wall plaque. I am always on the lookout for cute wall places for the kitchen and this one is darling cute.

    But I was hugely disappointed with the Mintae Midwest sofa. The ad had no LI data, so I went to the store and checked it out. The model was only 3 LI and I thought ... oh great I need a Low LI sofa for my exercise room. (It only had 3 single female sits, but I figured for the low LI that would be fine.) Then when I got it home and rezzed it.. two disappointments.. first it was 13 LI not 3 when rezzed and second, the pillows that go on it are a separate object and add another 2 LI.  So my "low LI sofa" turned out to be 15 LI which I consider on the higher end for a sofa. I am not going to be able to use it and feel that they really should have included the LI in their ad since the model did not represent the real LI.

    But I am really glad to know about this new SL Home Decor Weekend sale. I anticipate getting lots of nice goodies over time with it and plan to stay in the group. Thanks again for sharing about this!

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  17. a bit more on Horizons. A few things you should know:

    1. Most homes are sold by professional SL land sellers out to make a profit but at times there are ones that people who lived there are selling at cost for assorted reasons, such as premium expiring, not  enough time in SL to merit having SL home, decided to move to Bellisseria, etc.  Sometimes you can find a decent price but even the "decent prices" are higher than what most people are used to paying for mainland.

    2. Any given horizons lot is 32x32 and cannot be terra-formed. They cannot be joined but if you own two or more parcels in the same region, the prim allowance is shared between them.

    3. You can do things there that you cant do at Bellisseria, such as:

    -- derez your linden home so you can put up your own

    -- deed to group

    -- control parcel access

    -- use most security systems with no elevation or warning time rules

    -- have more than 2 breedables on your parcel (providing you dont lag out the region)

    -- have temporary objects ( like plantpets)

    4. While the mole-provided landscaping is tons nicer than mainland, it really doesnt hold a candle to what you see it Bellisseria.. plus people can rez anything they want on their parcels, so there is no protection from out-of-theme or eyesores, etc.

    5. It is an adult region (even though most of it doesnt behave adult).

    The HUGE advantage of Horizons Mainland is that it has 2x the LI allowance.. you can do a lot of decorating with 702 prims per parcel.


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  18. 4 hours ago, heartzwhim said:

    how come these homes don't appear on the land page, ever. i would like to try one just for fun.

    As Cinnamon said, the horizon regions are considered Mainland (albeit nicer than the original mainland). You cant get them from the land page, you have to purchase one. There are a bunch of regions in Horizons. The one I live on is called Ophelia.  Here is an SLurl to Ophelia: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Horizons Ophelia/49/147/23

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  19. I should mention that I "overpaid" 90,000L to get a west facing coastal parcel adjacent to swim-able ocean back in Feb of 2019. I used earnings from my hair store that I had not cashed out, so it was not as painful as it sounds.  Now the parcels around me are going for 195,000 to 200,000L each .. more than twice what I paid for mine 2.5 years ago. I am shocked at how high the prices have gotten... and yet every now and then, there are actually sales at these inflated prices.

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