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  1. After many many moons in SL, including "owning" a Linden house, and renting a homestead for a fairly lengthy period I find myself considering a 512 parcel. The trouble is that outside of reactivating my premium membership I don't have a clue what to do to get the parcel. I'm just planning on using it to set up a SLX Xstreet Marketplace Magic Box and a vendor server of some sort. A small shop might turn up at some point in the future but then again it might not. Since I tend to make totally un-wholesome sorts of things I'd prefer this to be on an adult sim. So I know what I want and I know that I need to reactivate my premium membership and then I need to... Ummm.... What do I need to do after that? Is there a land dispenser, do I finally have to brave the terrors of the land store, do I have to buy something at auction? Would I be better off just getting another Linden house thereby avoiding hassle (but giving up the possible storefront option down the road)? Inquiring minds want to know. Well at least I do. Thanks for any low mocking help that can be offered :)
  2. I should have caveated that I don't have Photoshop - though I can open existing files in Gimp, and that I'm a total dunce when it comes to graphics. George Carlin had a joke "Somewhere in the world there's the the single worst doctor and someone has an appointment with him tomorrow", well substitue "graphical artist" for "doctor" and it's me . That said I'll definately take a look and see if the existing files will help out. Thanks so much Eloise!
  3. Generally I manage to get by substituting stubbornness for skill, talent, and training, but making clothing has consistently beaten me for years now and I think I'm running out of stubborn :) I'm working on a project which will need a series of outfits to go with it, specifically latex catsuits. I've spent yet another frustrating couple of weeks trying to create a non-craptacular shine layer for the various outfits and the results are... Well they're not non-craptacular by any stretch of the imagination. Is there anyone out there who I can pay to create a nice shine layer that I can apply on my own very simple catsuit designs? I don't need the actual catsuits, just the shine itself for both female and male avatars; head, top, and bottom. I'd need the PSD - or better Gimp files necessary to recreate it and apply it to my work. It needn't be Hugos or POC levels of detailing but something that I can use on a variety of colors. I don't know whether I'll try to sell the finished project or not but I will be distributing the clothing so I'll need the shine layer to be licensed so that I can distribute it without restrictions. Since I've always been too stubborn to give up on this in the past I have absolutely no idea how much something like this would cost, so if you're interested please let me know roughly what the final price would be so I'll have a better idea of whether I should give stubbornness another try :) Thanks!
  4. Ignoring the question of whether it's abuse - which opens up the very silly door to an "I'm afraid of cats and all these nekos are abusing me" AR category - I try to think of it in the same manner as transsexuals. If you're a civilized person and if you encounter someone in RL who is clearly a man, but is dressed as a woman, and is introduced to you as "my friend Karen", then it's polite to refer to that person as "her". Sure it might make you a little uncomfortable at first, but imagine the way she's felt all her life and how uncomfortable it must be for her every time she meets a new person and sees the "oh my God it's a man" look cross their face. So if someone in SL wants to be a female avatar despite their XY status in RL, good for them. As to why? Who cares? Personally I think it's because most mens clothing sucks, and since we spend 75% of our SL time staring at our butts, why not stare at a butt you like. If not knowing bugs you then don't sleep with them. In fact if not knowing bugs you you should probably not sleep with anyone since photos prove nothing, there's all sorts of software for altering one's voice to sound male or female over the computer, and if you demand a video show, anyone that isn't charging you US $1.95 a minute is going to tell you to stuff it. About the only thing abusive in such situations is the number of times that it turns what could have been a pleasant frolic amongst the prims into a haranguing session to prove that the female avatar is being driven by a female pilot so to speak.
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