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  1. Full private island for rent. Pay in L$ or USD! Full rights & accesss to all the settings. [ Size: 65536 m2 | Prims: 15000 ] Use it for whatever you like, you can set the rating! General, Moderate, Adult. Its up to you! The name & location is not very well known so if you want a VERY private spot this could be an option. Great for commercial or casual use! -LINDEN DOLLARS- ★ Monthly rent is: L$77000 -USD- ★ Monthly rent is: $295 Rent is due on the 11th each month. You can pay in advance for extra months if you like. You can IM ameshin.yossarian in world for more information. Or you can email directly to: sim4sale@ameshin.com --SPECIAL FEATURES-- *Please note: if theres any special things you would like to have done to the sim, such as a name change (to the sim, you can change the land name for free of course!) Or move/attach to another sim you will have to pay extra for the feature cost to the company. Just ask & I'll look in to it.
  2. Same for me.. still didn't stop initializing. Repeated all possible steps for bug checking >_< Was hoping that would work..thank you Darrius Gothly for the idea! Sounds like a new bug.. similar to the one that you can fix with the English setting, only this you can't! =^.^=
  3. I crashed when trying to upload some items a few hours ago & its the same for me. Tried everything I could find but can't get it to shop being stuck initializing.. tried several viewers, several languages -- uninstalling, reinstalling, different computers & so on. Hope this gets fixed!
  4. Curious Kitties Autumn Festival :: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Curious%20Kitties/129/128/22 *Limited Edition* Curious Kitties Autumn Festival Offers: - NEW MESH ITEMS - FREEBIES - EVENTS - EXCLUSIVE GROUP GIFTS - CHEAPIES ( L$1 ~ L$10 ) ....Updated regularly! =^.^= Limited Edition Quality Halloween & Autumn items to celebrate the Autumn Season! Once again "Curious Kitties Shop" has set up its exclusive limited time only Autumn Season event! There are TONS of Autumn & Halloween themed free items, gifts, events & new mesh releases (its a new feature, so please note these require a mesh enabled viewer!) Also, all old Halloween items from 2006~2010 are set up again so if you missed it last year be sure to check it out this time around! *Please note: 99.9% of Curious Kitties *new* releases (including the new Autumn & Halloween limited edition items) are MESH, so if you do not use a mesh enabled viewer please be sure to read the sign - it will say "mesh" on the item if it is mesh. =^.^= SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Curious%20Kitties/129/128/22 Official Halloween Blog: http://ameshin.wordpress.com/category/curious-kitties-seasonal/curious-kitties-halloween
  5. Thank you! I'm extremely happy this is finally out of beta! As a creator of clothing & avatars this makes my Second Life a lot more enjoyable! Finally, seamless rigged clothing!
  6. If funds are given directly to Donation Linden will they be sent to the charity?
  7. Yay! Welcome! Happy to have you here~ looking forward to seeing how SL will improve! Good luck & congratulations!
  8. Ah.. thats sad. I don't qualify.. I agree it'd be nice to know what the qualifications are based on. Did any users outside of the US qualify? Maybe its due to region..
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