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  1. I have tried cases many times over the last three years that this problem still exists for me . I have tried the viewer meant for unsticking with no success. My only way around it has been to use alta for marketplace. Same computer, same viewer, same everything just a different avatar
  2. Better yet, here is the copy of the email (which has the link): Case: 01384002 Avatar: Krystina Breen Type: General Marketplace Issues Status: Waiting for Customer Acceptance Hello Krystina, Thank you for contacting Linden Lab Support. After investigation, it appears as though this issue may be a bug or error which would be best handled through our bug report system known as JIRA (http://jira.secondlife.com). While our Support team is always happy to help, there are certain technical issues which can only be addressed via a development or engineering investigation. JIRA is a syste
  3. Ok, got a reply to my ticket with LL saying this issue is a known bug and there is a JIRA open for it. We can either add our stuff to it or just track it. So I feel better now being positive that this issue is THEM and not US. (Hank you to everyone that gave suggestions
  4. No I haven't got it working, been quiet because of things like work and sleep lol. I think I have given up for now, I don't think this is a problem on our level. Plus the few items I DID get transfered over to direct delivery caused an issue with a guy trying to buy an item and it never coming for him. Ended up having to send it to him direct in world. Yeah this is direct delivery! MANUAL delivery.... sigh
  5. oh wait now it started again... ggrrrr
  6. well SL fixed it. it just magically realized it and stopped initializing. perhaps it was the ticket I submitted heh heh
  7. ok, i was able to get rid of the item in the merchant outbox BUT it is STILL stuck initializing! GREAT BIG HUGE SIGH
  8. nevermind, found it, going to try what you suggested
  9. ok, where do i find the non functional merchant box in phoenix? (sitting online with it now lol)
  10. Tried it Marcus, no go But thank you for trying to help. Still stuck...
  11. ok, tried what you suggested but it won't let me delete the folder in the merchant outbox and won't stop trying to initialize. i restarted the computer and started from step three and nothing is fixing it Hopefully SL will eventually fix whatever is going on here
  12. thank you, have copied to a notepd file and will try this later, at least it gives me something to try
  13. My Merchant Outbox is STUCK "initializing" with one folder in it. It sent about 7 folders to Marketplace and then got stuck on this last one. I have let it sit overnight, I have went to the straight SL Viewer instead of Firestorm and it is STILL stuck. Anything I can do to unstick this? Any trick? Thank you. :)
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