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  1. don't try to make the first guy who is friendly or nice to you into an immediate boyfriend. my friends in rl do that all the time!
  2. sounds like you're giving the choice of being suspicious, insecure and assuming someone is a cheater or else being foolish. if people see it that way, then the same goes for RL. i rather trust until someone breaks the trust. but you're right about the timing. my grandma says "love in haste, repent at leisure. "
  3. this is kind of related...what does it mean to "partner" with someone in SL?
  4. 6'7 1.997309 m with height detector here and 5'9 in rl lol
  5. congrats! its good to know theres a possibility of friends sticking around for a long time
  6. Japanese Tempura is a nice place to meet people. there's a forest area, a tai chi class and also a beautiful ballroom, but the lag is bad for me at the ballroom. people are friendly actually you can meet people in most places where you keep going to hang out at once you're a regular. join in some of the chat conversations in the group chats and not wating on the one-on-ones to invite you. hope this helps, and say hi if u see me anywhere lol.
  7. If I had an empty piece of land sitting there I'd be happy if someone was squatting on it, just like i would be happy if a homeless family was squatting on empty land I owned in real life. This is one reason why there is so much homelessness in the world today. peace.
  8. @ celestial nightfire who said: It would be like you coming over to my house in RL when I'm at work, and you taking a shower and cooking your food at my house. You'd rationalize it by saying, "Well, you're gone during that time, so I just thought I'd pop-in and use your house". But, of course, what you're doing is using my resources like water, heat, upkeep on appliances, etc. So, I end up subsidizing you. Not really. A squat would be more like over-ambitious developers building a community of new expensive luxury housing. They sell condos and anticipate a swell of monied people bu
  9. it's working now! the normal stands are on. thanks for your help. im scared to dance again haha!
  10. thanks for the reply. when i click the dance icon i got a message that dances haven't been configured. i also found a button that says dance off, but it didnt turn it off.
  11. i have this vista AO called "most wanted". i used it for the stands, but by chance i found it had built in dances. i tried a few but when i wanted to go back to standing, i didnt know how. there are a bunch of unlabeled icons , and i tried to find "standing" or "stop dancing" i can chance the dance by going back or forward but can not stop it, except by shutting down the whole AO then i only have the default stand. i submitted a request for help but didnt hear anything yet. it would be great if someone here knew how to solve this.
  12. i have a house in mijikayo, the area with the japanese style houses. i got it because the idea of community was hyped, but since ive been here it has been almost totally dead. community to me means neighbors and i would rather see some people who are living for free than rows and rows and rows of empty vacant places. if there is fear that those of us who pay will begrudge those who dont pay well maybe theres a way not to make it public who pays or doesnt. this area has been dead for a year and i doubt if anyone will be beating down the door to get in any time soon.
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