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  1. hello i also made a jira about this..my cashier doesn't open.. and it is alredy 4 weeks now. And no help from Linend..it must be something with my account with another account on the same pc it is ok. And both have enough money. Very sorr for you but i heard more have the same problem..PLEASE LINDEN HELP
  2. i can't buy at marketplace sl..when the cashier has to open it doesn't open.. it says : openID transaction in progress.. and waiting for secondlife. I have enough money.. so that isn't the problem Please help Nicandra Laval
  3. i have not received my weekly lindens. My avatar name is Nicandra Laval and also for Padre yalin i didn't get it and for tjip Merlin please help Greetings Nicandra Laval
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