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  1. I have a payed account and have Linden land if i get another property can i abanded that linden land and apply it to my other land? it is in 4096 sqm Corner , Fiesta (236, 223, 21)
  2. I have not received my weekly Lindens. I have paid for the year. Can you please tell me when or if I will get them
  3. I have still not recieved my weekly lindens how do I send in a ticket to get them. I am payed for the year.
  4. I still have not received my weekly Lindens. I am paid for a year. I waited like you said yesterday. If u r not gona pay just say so.
  5. I did not recieve my weekly Lindens for today 6/3/14 What do I need to do? I have paid for the whole year. Emeraldfire (LND3743)
  6. I have abandoned my Linden home I have found some 512 land how do I go about getting the land and the tier payed? How do I let Linden Labs know? The Land is on the mainland and in the inworld search. but it does not say auction there is a for sale sign on the land. here is what it says in the about land that comes up : Name: 512 sqm/117 prim Parcel ID: bba917e0-4b43-ccfb-e535-8206c07cfcd5 Can anyone please tell me if I can use this land or not.
  7. LND3743

    linden House

    oh ok hun thank you very much.
  8. LND3743

    linden House

    . To pay the land fees of any other 512 sq m parcel that you buy on the Mainland.how do i get this land?
  9. LND3743

    linden House

    ok I have one other question how do I get the land or the 512 land?
  10. If I rent off mainland with others can i use my 512 tier to pay my share? Please explain this to me
  11. LND3743

    linden House

    If I already rent land with someone else that is larger than the 512 space can I apply it to my part of the tier? not on main land
  12. LND3743

    linden House

    when I get my linden home do I have to pay 512 linden a week every week? Or what please explain?
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