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  1. I am having the exact same problem, BUT only with the Mesh Viewer, All other viewers are working Fine. But I did just to see if it would work, I turned Every graphics feature on, on the SL V2 viewer and I got this error message which is WEIRD. I normally use Phoenix and firestorm viewers but i do use the SL V2 viewer sometimes.
  2. " Welcome to Second Life, Rod, Great to have you join us in our corner of the Virtual Universe. Please feel free to explore along with us the many possible variations of experience that our world offers."
  3. Very excited to play with mesh in SL im a user of Lightwave 3d rendering software so im converting some of my meshs from that to the collota file format for SL mesh. Also can you tell us more on File formats that will be used to import meshs into SL. so we can get ready. Thank you Damian.
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