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  1. Grand Opening of the Lonestar @ Providence, today Oct. 21st. Come join us at one of the best country dance clubs in SL. We will be having contest running all day and night. We'll have a sploder going off constantly. We also have one of the best wedding venues in SL. Beautiful sim in fall decorations, poseballs for your FALL Pics with your favorite guy/gal Still hiring DJ's and host and still looking for mall rentals. <icon>Inv_Landmark</icon>[http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Providence/105/200/22 Home of The Lonestar]
  2. Opening the Lonestar Country Club, Looking for mall vendors to rent in our mall. Beautiful sim which also includes wedding venue that is booked almost constantly. $200L for 75 prims. Providence sim which includes, Weddings by Leona, Lonestar Country Club. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Providence/54/219/24
  3. Help, I just came back to SL after about 7 years. Getting used to this mesh. I bought a Slink Physique mesh body and Eye Candy Gigi mesh head. I cannot get my face and body skin to match. I keep seeing works with Slink Visage mesh head but I have not found that. Am I doing something wrong or missing something?
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