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  1. I guess neither my landlord nor I thought of that. I will ping my landlord about it later. That should work. Thank you very much!
  2. Hello everyone, I've been experimenting with the experiences tools for a while now, and yesterday I finally became a premium member to get an experience key, and asked my landlord to allow me to add my own experience to the land I'm renting from him, i.e. allow me to set my experience as "allowed experience" in the land panel experience tab. The parcel is a mainland parcel on Zindra. He made me an experience contributor and experience admin in the land group, and I set my experience to the group and it does show up in the group panel, and the experience rating matches the land rating
  3. Void Singer wrote: rotate an avatar without being seated. a function that can be easily included into a large script to get the precise bounding link center name to key without web lookups. >=) PS what is a jiggle script? *giggles* I'm looking for scripted things people are looking for and can't find I could sell on the marketplace, not for miracles to perfom, void ;-) P.S.: No idea what a jiggle script is
  4. I've been wondering, what is your personal most wanted scripted object that you haven't been able to find in SL so far? Reason for my asking is simply that I wanna do some market research on what would sell. A little incentive for all of you out there: If I make your personal most wanted item (or something sufficiently close to it/based on your idea) you will get a free copy from me to an avatar of your choice. Now hit me with your ideas, and thank you in advance! xxx T. P.S.: To avoid swamping, please don't post more than 3 wishes. But you may and should post something someone else has pos
  5. Welcome to The Family, Rod. Great to have you. I wish you a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year, and above all, the best of luck with Linden Lab and Second Life. I hope your work will lead us all to new greatness. P.S.: While we got you here, there's one thing. One thing to rule them all, so to speak... and I'm not pushing, just mentioning it. If you fix it, everyone will make you their new god, the women of SL will flock to you in droves, and there will be joy and merryment. *looks around and whsipers conspiciously* The lag Rod, that's what we're suffering from the most. The lag. Anyhow
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