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  1. LlazarusLlong wrote: Berlin Mesmeriser wrote: so what is the right forum Perhaps the OTHER one you posted in about your problem. You do realise that cross-posting is at the very least frowned upon -------------------------------------------------- I"ve been frowned upon before, it has no effect on me.
  2. so what is the right forum and how on earth can it be that SL doesn't have working support ?
  3. so then you don't want it dropped on your head ? C'mon, that's clearly what you're aiming for.
  4. How about I throw it out a window of a tall building so it lands on your head ?
  5. KarenMichelle, thanks for your help. My test result is pretty identical to yours, says none and Google. Now what ?
  6. I have not even been able to leave a message for support. but I have read answers to my problem and tried them and they didn't work.
  7. It says DNS can not resolve the host name. I've tried all the fixes suggested online but it just ain't happenin'. This sucks.
  8. nature walks, train rides, anything that shows off SL that doesn't require much SL experience. :)
  9. well bottom line is this, I have money in my paypal account I want to use at SL. If I can't use it at SL I'm done with SL. My paypal is backed by an active credit card but I choose to not have it backed by my bank account. I can't believe SL puts these kinds of demands on it. That paypal money isn't good enough for them, even if backed by a credit card. I guess I'm done with this place.
  10. ya'll assume too much about my comment. It's the overall moderation that makes this place more uncool than it used to be, not just that one can't utter the F word. I'm not sure if somebody was saying that it's illegal to post it on a forum but that's crazy. No I didn't repost it. Maybe I will when I feel like it but then I felt like commenting on the over-the-top moderation, of which I've experienced numerous times here.
  11. I just had a post removed. You know this forum used to be about 1 trillion times cooler than it is now. And it really wasn't that cool then.
  12. wiked Anton wrote: i NEVER go to a website via a link sent to me not her, not even by personal email. i wont even use a link that my own bank sends me ( which they just dont so that anymore here) if i am asked to log in to an existing account i have, then i use my own bookmark. anyone doing anything else is really asking for trouble. Having said this, those spammers are very annoying, and i am sure LL could delete their accouts if they wished, and continue deleting them until they get fed up and go away. the constant spamming is bothersoms, i get several per day, and sometime 3 from the same forum post.... wow you sure are missing out if your friends can't send you links. That's part of the fun of the internet.
  13. I have a lot of soul on my station, particularly from the early 70s, the heyday of soul. Al Green, Marvin Gaye, the Stylistics, Stevie Wonder. By the way if you'd like to stream my station on your property, message me. Also Leiber is immortalized as one of the displays in my shop Tin Pan Alley, which is a gallery dedicated to songwriters. Can be found in Soho area of Mainland London. a lot of interactive displays there.
  14. yeah I'm up closer to New York City. I'm ok but that was totally unreal. .
  15. Scared the crap out of me. I live in a towers building and it was shaking so much I thought it was going to collapse. Me and the cat both are still freaking. heh
  16. I agree. Yesterday is so overplayed and overrated, I've hated it for years. Likewise Silly Love Songs is sickening. However there's a lot of stuff in McCartney's solo catalog that resembles the Beatles at their best. He had a rock record Back to the Egg that was quite good. Uncle Albert, Let Me Roll It, Junior's Farm, Live and Let Die would probably fit on any Beatles record from Rubber Soul on.
  17. Musically Imagine's a good tune. Lyrically it's laughable. I was recently reading a book about the last days of Lennon's life, and he had a giant storage warehouse of musical instruments and music paraphenalia and art he'd purchased. Imagine no possessions indeed !
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