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  1. Actually the bleaches used to make those sock white are toxic as well. Best to go with organic socks, they'll come in colors that are safer than those white socks.
  2. You can't. Unfortunately at this point SL does not support mesh uploads. Those templates are just for making skins and clothing, although it's a little difficult to bake textures on them without merging the vertices at the seams.
  3. It almost sounds as if this "guy" IS a chatbot, that is, it's not an actual person controlling the av, which would explain why none of his responses make sense. It's programed with a limited number of replies and uses whatever seems to most logical. Also sounds like it's not a very good one, there are some out there that seem like you're talking to an actual person. I would imagine if that is the case that it's associated with one of your items that you moved from your old account. Do you have anything with "chatbot" in the item name? If it's something that someone gave you to bother you, it might not be named so simply either. This is just a theory, but based on the fact that it just sits there silently, for hours at times, and spouts nonesense when you try to talk to it, I really don't think that's a real person. And if it were a person, I don't see why they would go to the trouble of hacking your computer, just to sit there.
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