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  1. Thanks for that again, Obvious. No, it wasn't modifiable but I got round it by buying a quarter sze off-sim environment - and putting one of those out at each corner, which has a similar look to the original. So I'm in the good, and unusual, position of having my cake and eating it (being able to use my tractor AND keeping my wife happy!).
  2. Yep! That's exactly what was causing the issue! But I don't think I wanted to consider it might be that because both my wife and I love the sim surround. Wouldn't you have thought that the kindly Linden who visited our sim and tested it for performance would have known that it might have been the megaprim? Now I've got to try and convince my wife that it's more important to get the harvest in for next winter, rather than having such a delightful surround! Thanks again for your help Obvious.
  3. Thanks Obvious, I shall try that. It had crossed my mind in fact. I'll report back - although the Linden who looked atr the sim didn't mention it.
  4. I have recently acquired a Homestead region which seems to work well in most respects, but there is one major problem with a scripted vehicle which works normally on all other regions I have tried it on. The performance of my scripted vehicle (a tractor and trailer) is proving to be an excellent benchmark, or reference point, by which the performance of the sim can be evaluated. Now that I have been on this sim longer, problems seem to be getting worse on a daily basis. I have been noting these things - a list of which follows: 1. There seems to be a fair amount of lag, as evidenced by the slowness of blue menus to appear, or to act, or to refresh - but it doesn't do it ALL the time. 2. Back to the tractor again: the front wheels, when used on my sim, turn left and right independently of each other AND out of sync with the arrow keys on my keyboard. 3. The tractor now drives along bucking like a bucking bronco. This happens on Linden terrain as well as on a single prim road, so it has nothing to do with the surface. (I have driven the tractor on different sims and it worked perfectly - everything was in sync and co-ordinated.) I have contacted the vehicle creator who came and saw for himself what happens, but couldn't explain it. I contacted an Estate Manager, and both creator and EM let me use their regions to test it out, plus I have used it on my own old parcel, where it also performed perfectly well. I asked LL Support, and they changed the server and checked all the stats and found everything was working normally. Naturally I have restarted the region several times. I've heard it mentioned that a sim has a program inside it which runs it, and it could have a bug in it - is that possible? Where do I go from here? Thanks.
  5. Wouldn't it be nice if, once in a while, one of the Lindens read these forums and popped in to provide answers - however briefly? I would imagine for every hour that Marketplace is offline not only LL lose revenue but merchants as well.
  6. Well done LL and thank you I've seen quite a bit of stick coming your way for various reasons, but I must say that my personal inworld experience in over four years has improved steadily. It will be interesting to see what impact the proposed changes will make.
  7. Yes Rin, they will have coalesced in your inventory. You can find them in Objects or Lost and Found folders. You can tell which they are because instead of a single-looking object icon, it will be like steps, but the same color. One word of caution though: when you rez one of the coalesced items, make sure you have plenty of room around you because they will rez in exactly the same positions as they were when you took them. In the case of a large house with many rooms, if you try to rez those items on a smaller parcel the ones on the extremities are bound to go off your land. Also, the other tip is, if you think all the items aren't there, look up in the sky as well. Furthermore, the act of coalescing seems to be random. I have had one frog with dozens of other prims coalesced ''into'' him, and none of them anything to do with a frog. Good luck!
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