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  1. Every once in a while I load up singularity (it happens on FS too) only to get all my setting reset to default and a vivox error. I accepted vivo a long time ago and it isnt being blocked by my firewall. its been happening over a year but so far no one can seem to help me fi it. i took a screenshot this time.
  2. Is there a way to IP ban someone no matter what alt they use on just a parcel?
  3. i cant get in either... nothing on the status page:matte-motes-bored:
  4. Sorry for your loss and issues but i dont see how you need a sim urgently and for what?
  5. I know how you feel. They do it at house of prayer in the middle of service! They even went as far as posting slanderous stupid videos and remarks on youtube about the members at hop! How pathetic can these people be? Numurous reports have been made and many many bans. So many that we have filled up our ban list. Yet nothing seems to be done. If your bring griefed based on your beliefs you must be doing something right over there. Just be strong dont let them get to you.
  6. I ordered a Sim for a business and its not taking off so i was wondering how you sell one? its a full sim 15000. The payment is due on the 22nd. If i sell before then am i still charged? or is the payment for the month already used? Where do i list it and how do i get it out of my name to transfer it?
  7. Ok i never transfered money from SL to paypal before. So heres what has happened. I have my credit card linked to SL to bring money into the game. I had $28 in USD in my SL account. I proccessed credit to my paypal account. I was asked to enter my paypal and stuff so now the money is gone. There is no way to see where my money is? It has been 3 days and not in my paypal. Now my paypal itself is not linked to SL cuz i would have to take my CC off that i use to pay tiers. So where is my money? I would at least feel better if something said it was in process instead of it just not showing up
  8. Thank you very very much you have been a great help!:smileyvery-happy:
  9. well i have half coming from sl profits and the rest coming from my card. So if i exchange the sl money to my US Linden balance it will take that first? Then my card? Is that the best way?
  10. thats going to be a problem cuz im using a different card to pay for the sim than what i used to purchase it. =/ ty
  11. Hello i just bought my first Sim last week and had it delivered and set up:smileyvery-happy: Now i need to know where I can go to pay the $295 so i can be ahead a bit? I have been searching and cant find it:smileysad:
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