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  1. /I wonder why such a harsh reply to Hush skins and the creator from a simple suggestion to a question of the OP's post.but each to their own and the forums should not be the place to defame or suggest medieval death to named avatars or the products they make IMHO .
  2. Great options suggested by all and I would like to add League and Hush skins to your long list of shopping.I Must say your friend is fortunate to have you being so helpful in the quest for her perfect look : )
  3. Thinks its all a bit silly for most residents to worry about the vampire fad(thanks twilight et al) but when i was new it was a pain in the a** when you dont know the unwritten virtual dangers inworld.I know the information is available if one delves into the wiki and this forum,but most arive in SL as if it was a videogame as opposed to what it says on the tin .
  4. Just IM me inworld i could give you pointers but take the advice of people in this forum ,enjoy your SL : )
  5. Welcome to the sometimes daunting world of Second life,you hit upon the sweet spot visiting here.Drop me an IM if you need help inworld.
  6. For makeup i would recomend Musa for the subtle tones shown.
  7. I Agree Akeyo as a wear and enjoy but using the built in AO in firestorm and other viewers is the best option if you have patience to trawl the stores.
  8. Try Panda Punx from the marketplace.,great shapes without that comical look.
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