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  1. 34 minutes ago, Finite said:

    As for 3rd party there is still a decent amount of work in getting them into secondlife. It's not a simple save as DAE process.

    It also means you'll get no support if you have a problem since the person who sold you the product can't actually model -_-

  2. 23 minutes ago, Elizabeth Burleigh said:

    I know many designers whose work in gachas is just as good as anything they make; which, to me, suggests they have either the time and/or skill level to make quality things rather quickly and consistently. I truly hope those creators continue to make stuff, because I will continue to buy from them either in world or via the Marketplace.

    My admiration gets regularly shattered anytime I eventually learn that a prolific creator I used to admire is just buying models made by others, probably paying them well below minimum wage.

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  3. 8 hours ago, Hana Nova said:

    I am highly considering poisoning the well by making a dirty, cheating, conveyor script that pulls all the nasty tricks to look random. Then releasing that script publicly for free and open source to make sure that everyone knows that the conveyor they choose to play could be using that script as its engine without any way for the vendors to prove that their script is "fair".

    I feel that with proper marketing of this script this could torpedo the credibility of the scheme before it gets off the ground.

    That was one of my plans for gachas at some point, but I'm slower than Linden Lab :P

  4. A better wording for the policy would have been something along the lines of "random or pseudorandom system where the user can, or is encouraged to purchase items they do not want in order to get the item they wish to purchase. And where the total price to get a given item is either random/pseudorandom, or different from user to user or at different times"

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  5. Anyone here who buys gachas could give me some data to do some quick probabilities calculations?

    • Gacha Name (not the actual name but something to refer to it)
    • Type. (clothing, furniture, etc...)
    • Whether the parts are designed to work together or are variants.
    • How many parts does the gacha has, how many rares.
    • Price per spin.
    • Odds for the rares (if public, or if the machine config is visible)

    I'm actually curious about how much your typical, high profile gacha seller is effectively "asking" on average.

  6. 22 minutes ago, Mollymews said:

    i don't see why the same measure can't be used for inworld rezzed objects and avatars

    i would be quite happy if I got told that my avatar was 10,000LI, I probably go ouch! thats' a lot, and take something off. As LI is a measure that most of us understand and can relate too

    LI/primcount predate LL's growing concerns for end user performances. Back then the sole purpose of LI was to address their concerns on region resource usage and nothing else really mattered to them.

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  7. 9 hours ago, Wulfie Reanimator said:

    Here's the regularly scheduled remainder: Avatar Complexity is a completely useless metric. Low or high number doesn't prove good or bad.

    I want it fixed still, and then I want avatar complexity as a land setting.

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  8. 2 minutes ago, Arielle Popstar said:

    As a consumer I like to have the choice. Having the freedom of choice is a great thing when used responsibly but using it that way required me to grow up. No amount of do gooder enablers will save me from having to do that. It's like the alcoholic who quits drinking but the booze always keeps to crossing his or her path somewhere, sometime. You going to stop the rest of the world from being able to have a drink to protect that one or leave it to the problem drinker to make the choice to not pick up that drink?

    Just curious.

    False equivalence.

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  9. 7 minutes ago, Tari Landar said:

    These machines still possess the predatory "gambling" nature of gacha machines, still possess the same randomness that gacha machines possess, likely still also offer every other aspect of a gacha machine, minus the "don't know what item is next" aspect. But every other aspect that is also putting gacha machines and like systems under a microscope and causing this overall policy change, is still present.

    I suspect that too. In fact it reminds me a lot of how computerized slot machines can re-arrange "lost" reels to entice the player to keep playing because they were "so close to winning".

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  10. 19 minutes ago, snowvoice said:

    I have a question about this conveyor belt type machine.
    It allows the buyer to see what will be available next, but it does not allow him to choose what to buy.
    The buyer has to keep buying one item after another that he does not want until it is his turn to get the item he wants.
    If the buyer doesn't buy the next item within 10 seconds, he or she will give up the right to purchase the item to someone else.

    Question 1: Isn't this system of not letting the buyer choose the product and making them feel rushed by setting a time limit on their decision to buy the product they don't want, gambling?

    The creator also claims that the machine has been approved by Linden Lab, the lawyers hired by Linden Lab, and the Vice President of Product Operations for Second Life.

    Question 2, is this true?

    To anyone who disagrees with the creator, he says, "If you claim to be illegal, dispute Linden in court.

    Question 3, Does Linden have a special agreement to protect him?

    Oh those are gonna be so fun to "corrupt"...

    Imagine the kind of optimized conveyer layouts this could generate to maximize payment, here are a few ideas:

    1. Last item bought by a given person is probably the most desired item.
    2. Make sure that the conveyer always contains no more than 1 rare/desired item.
    3. Pack the rest with the least desired items.
    4. Make it look a little more random than that.
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  11. On 8/2/2021 at 8:51 PM, Jaiya Cloud said:

    Claw machines require skill. Sticker machines have listed what you will get and even most of those are now gone because they are considered gambling if each ball doesn't have the same items.

    You've never opened a claw machine I guess.

    The claw will only hold the item hard enough when the configured machine win rate has been met.

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  12. 1 hour ago, Sinvares Tenk said:

    Given the fact id have to agree that gochas just are not gambling, Its what we call a great marketing oppurtunity, While you can resale them and possibly not of the same gatcha price you can safely say you will get something back in return.


    I get: Money.
    You get: Random stuff I made which might be what you wanted... ot not.

  13. 23 minutes ago, Kytteh Wytchwood said:

    Gachas were created as a way to get people with low budgets in real life, to purchase their products. It was done out of generosity at first.

    That is absolutely laughable, if you want to cater to low budget customers, all you have to do is reduce your margin, the randomness screws those people if anything because they are unlikely to get what they want, only now they can't complain that they lost as you gave them "something" (which has no value for them but that's beside the point)

    25 minutes ago, Kytteh Wytchwood said:

    This meant that creators wanted to do more than sales, they needed a system that would make their customers and future customers happy. Creators sold their high quality products into the gacha system, and gave permission for the customer to resell and make a profit.

    You mean, creators wanting to get more than what their product is worth. The random nature of gachas ensures that you cannot know in advance how much the item you are trying to get will cost you. Hell you might even have to walk away without it, with your inventory full of filler items that barely qualify as a consolation prize.

    28 minutes ago, Kytteh Wytchwood said:

    Sadly, they are rarely the actual value of the product. If any creator "dares" to price their worth, people complain selfishly as they only think about what they can afford and not about the talent, skill, time and effort a creator put into creating for this virtual platform.

    I can spend up to five MONTHS refining the same product, I try to price them fairly and to reflect the work put in, but I also know that whatever price I pick HAS to match my customer's expectations.

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  14. 2 hours ago, LittleMe Jewell said:

    It is actually good having everyone post about their perceived loophole around things.  It makes it easier for Patch and Team to be able to name specifics in their FAQ, rather than folks later saying "It did not specifically say ABC, so..."

    I don't see the need to be precise, just ban the twerps when they try to toe the line. Not only is toeing the rules breaking the rules, but rules are there to give us guidelines, it doesn't mean they exist to restrict what Linden Lab can do.

  15. 5 minutes ago, JadusBatmanglij said:

    I don't think LL ever make an argument for common good here. If they go that way, it could be on shaky grounds as the amount of people participate in gacha is very large, money going into it and into reselling market is also very large, and the common good here is for people to continue to have fun and decide how and when to spend their own money. (True also for those who decide this to be addictive and decide not to spend the money)   Also, I do never want to give LL the power to decide what is 'good' for me. (Gov't is another case but off topic), nor I think LL is approaching it that way.  I do see that they are responsible business trying to operate lawfully while making a profit for providing service to customers.

    I think the issue is which specific gov't law from which countries that we must be complied with and what exactly the law said.

    I was refering to the person crying about the government's presence in their life.

  16. 7 minutes ago, WarmAnimations Lisa said:

    again I have no personal like in play gachas and even as creator i always have avoid to make too much gachas and in fact i don't even keep them in my store... so I have zero interest in this buisness the point for me its respect from the work the creators put in it and they need some time to release what they have been working on! again im not asking that for my self! im just asking to have some respect from those who work hard to make it!

    Several already announced they would keep their gachas up until the deadline. They appear to have plenty of time.

  17. Just now, Arielle Popstar said:

    All well and good and I am no fan of Gacha's myself but in the end I am a bit leery of seeing things taken out of circulation that is a big drawing card for SecondLife. Sounds like there is a fairly big contingent of Gacha people here whether creators, resellers or Rare collectors who might not be so quick to return inworld if their favorite pastime is no longer available.

    But that's the case for every activity that ends up banned.

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  18. 3 minutes ago, Nikilei said:

    If this is truly coming from the dictates of governments, i.e., EU, I am opposed since I do not like government dictating what I can and cant do with my own money. How far is this crackdown, regulated, spied upon reality we live in going to go? Personally, it is already out of control.

    Common good > Individual

  19. 1 minute ago, WarmAnimations Lisa said:

    you probably have no idea how much work they put on make this stuff for real! as I say im not my self a fan of this but at last I have some respect from those who work hard to make it possible!

    Oh I'm sure we do, for people who actually work hard that is.

    Beyond the fact gachas allowed them to reap far more money from a given product than they ought to expect. The reality is that it is a system built on desire something that you can't have. Most "commons" on gachas are filler content, and even the rare items are usually not worth the asking price, whether it is quality, optimization or really just "what you are getting".

    It only has to be good enough for the billboard.

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