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  1. I'm not terribly concerned about song info not displaying (but glad we're working on a fix) -- tonight, however, on a Magnum region, I logged into the Shoutcast board and started streaming, and after a few minutes the board reverted to the previous radio station. Logged back into the board, and a few minutes later it reverted again. Not sure if this is related, or a new issue, or just me having a strange night. Turning the board off, and just plugging into parcel media seems to be the fix for that issue
  2. And, if you wouldn't put up with it, and they did it anyway ... what would you do? Refuse to teleport anywhere?
  3. Orca Flotta wrote: Why o why do so many people still believe in the old and wrong solution of clearing the cache? Because it works. This myth that clearing your cache is not a solution to any number of problems is just that - a myth. Quoting Firestorm developers does little to support the myth. What do the Firestorm developers insist on when you upgrade? A clean install. What does a clean install do? It clears your cache. As far as I can tell, with the whole "interest list" thing, the cache has become basically useless, anyway. I reload pretty much everything every time I land, and it
  4. Available now on a low-lag, private adult island, with many entertainment options: Two 2048 parcels with 468 prims (or combine them to make one 4096 parcel).Low-cost Fully furnished, uniquely designed skyboxes - two styles availableMarket stalls and ad boards, surrounding the landing point of a popular clubLocated adjacent to the House of the Rising Sun Blues/Rock Club and Crimson Nights. Amenities, available to all, include: Game room, featuring the best games on the gridRezzable jetskis and sailboards, with plenty of water to sail them onFishingPrivate conversation and "other"
  5. Seems like lots of regions are restarting (at least main channel and Magnum.) Nothing in gird status. Roll backs?
  6. Ah! So that's the constraint I disabled Never thought about that. Thanks.
  7. Steve Oval wrote: Can someone please recommend a good translator. My partner is Spanish and although her English is not bad ( My Spanish is non existent ) she does like to use a translator at times. The one she has is a free one and murders everything she says. Is there a good one? The free Metanomics translator, or the built-in translator in Firestorm work as well as any I've seen. As others have pointed out, there's skill involved in communicating with a translator. It's almost like you have to learn to speak "translator": Perfect spelling, simple grammar, short sentences, efficient pu
  8. Sylvan Turbo wrote: So i've been experiencing this problem since 3-4 days ago. Music on most SIM keeps going in and out while i am listening to it. I've been performing several tests on my connection, which lead me to believe that isn't an issue with my ISP provider, cause i been achieving maximum download/upload speeds as usual. I've been checking also for virus (but i been always protected and never had an issue with them before). I've asked other folks if they were experiecing something similar but no one seems to have the same issue, so i am not sure.. What's happening to me? Everythi
  9. For years, I've thought that the maximum draw distance to see other avatars was around 600 metres, so I always took care to build my "private spaces" at least that distance from the nearest structure. Recently I've discovered that draw distance for perv-camming extends to at least 3000 metres. Is this a recent change, or have I just been confused all these years?
  10. ImaTest wrote: Alobar Valeska wrote: Malanya wrote: Aren't dj's expected to provide all their own stuff, and streams, don't they cost? I expect DJs to have their own streams. A 50 person stream costs around 1500 lindens a month. Beyond that, a DJ would have to have their own "stuff" ... otherwise, they couldn't really call themself a DJ. No it doesn't, lol. Streams are getting cheaper and cheaper in sl. They're quite easy to come by at much lower rates than they've ever been before. Okay, if the word "around" isn't vague enough for you, change it to "up to".
  11. Dillon Levenque wrote: Oh, I quite understand that. You seem to be one of those people who think those who have differing opinions are stupid or uneducated. Your shows must be a delight. I prefer clubs that make it clear the venue gets no percentage of the entertainer's tips by letting said entertainers place their own tip jars. That way I can tip the entertainer for the entertainment and the venue for providing it. I have also noticed that clubs that do it differently often get less talented entertainers. I never cease to be amazed at the trivial things people obsess about and the conspi
  12. Suspiria Finucane wrote: Alobar Valeska wrote: No club would survive without those efforts. I realize that you may feel a year or so is survival, however, I would venture to say that 99% of the clubs created in SL haven't survived the almost 7 years I've been in SL and there may be a few that have survived 10 years. IMO clubs are a dream of some to get rich quick without realizing that it is actually a business. There's a reason why 95% of business owners fail in the first 2 years. I'm sure the attrition rate in SL is even higher. I'm pushing 4 years in my case, but to me it's n
  13. Amethyst Jetaime wrote: Just another reason that clubs that think they are doing DJ's favors letting them work there are full of it. The club would have to pay for all that if they didn't have DJ's. And what would a DJ have to pay for if it wasn't for the clubs that invite them to play there? Tier, building, tip jars, shoutcast board, scheduiing, hosts, managers, advertising, etc.? Get over your sycophantic DJ worship and realize that, as I said before, this is a symbiotic relationship. DJs who think that they're doing the world a favor by their presence are no less obnoxious and counterp
  14. Malanya wrote: Aren't dj's expected to provide all their own stuff, and streams, don't they cost? I expect DJs to have their own streams. A 50 person stream costs around 1500 lindens a month. Beyond that, a DJ would have to have their own "stuff" ... otherwise, they couldn't really call themself a DJ.
  15. Dillon Levenque wrote: When the club—instead of providing its own tip jars—lets its entertainers put out their own tip jars, tips to entertainers get responses from the person tipped. Real clubs with real entertainers tend to do that. There's no reason a DJ or host can't or shouldn't respond to a tip, regardless of who owns the tip jar. Surprisingly enough, I guess to you, tip jars let the person who's logged into them know who tipped them. Real people with real knowledge tend to understand that.
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