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  1. Fully decorated skybox for rent. Full landrights by join the group. 50 LI extra OR 170 LI if you want to rez your own. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ambedkar/4/246/2003
  2. “Situated in the center of Second Life, atop of one of the city's finest hotels, Circle8 is a patio and bar unlike no other. Circle8 is a place for singles to circulate, meet and enjoy each others company. Don't be afraid to come have a drink even if you are a couple! All are welcome to appreciate the relaxed atmosphere and live events. There also a singles boards to join and explore! Who will you meet at Circle8?” https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/blue valley/134/109/3256
  3. I have a 512 parcel on Mainland for rent. Renter will have full rights by joining the land group (other than selling the land of course!) I have rezzed a full furnished skybox and I am willing to take it down if you prefer to use your own. (See attached photos) 115L a week with 50 extra prims fully decorated OR 115L a week with 170 prims.
  4. Hello all, I am fairly new to premium and I want to know what this means? Can I buy 512 size parcel of mainland and not have to pay an extra fee? https://gyazo.com/539f4924ada2c2aab25600041d047218 I am so confused. The SL website is wordy. Thanks, Cate
  5. I have looked on the blog post which is currently a jpg of the the last names listed. Where did that jpg come from? I don't have a premium account yet so I want to see when they update names. Then if I see one I like, I will get a premium account and have the ability to change.
  6. That name is probably already in the system. Do a people search and I will pop up I am sure. I can't get "Cate Footman" like I wanted (the display name I have used for YEARS) as someone already has that name even though it's a dead account. I contacted LL about it and there is nothing they can do.
  7. Does anyone know where they will be posting the updated last name list? I see the new last names but I would like to know where to keep checking for new names. PS - I am not really a newbie in SL just to these blogs. I can't get the display name I have used for years "Cate Footman" as that name is already in the system even though that avatar isn't used.
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