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  1. I get several avatars each day that are 1-2 months old, empty profiles and all of them have names which are ALL CAPS and contain multiple vowels. Examples: AAAAALIS, CAAALIE, CLEORAAA, DAALVAA, DAAYNAAA, EDANAAA, JOIAAAA, MIHHAAA, etc. Are these bots? What the heck?
  2. Is there any chance that the migration to AWS will bring with it a reduction in land pricing? Or the possibility of more land options, like the ability to purchase a homestead without having to own a full region, or even a greater variety of homestead sizes?
  3. Any idea how often the list of available last names will update?
  4. Has there been any discussion by Linden Labs opening up direct purchase of Homestead regions without also owning a Full region?
  5. I totally agree..appliers were a way to temporarily cope until we had a better method. Hopefully that improvement is just around the corner
  6. Here's a screenshot. Obviously I'm using a Mac. Thought this may be of help. Thanks for your response, Vir!
  7. Question: I logged in using the Bakes On Mesh Project viewer for Mac with one of my rarely-used alts. The viewer worked great! Super fast and smooth, no freezes. Then I logged in with my main account and instantly had multiple micro-freezes, then froze entirely and eventually crashed. The only difference between the two accounts that I can think of is inventory size. One is very large and one is very small. Also, What is Python? It launches as a separate program (Second Life Launcher?) when I launch the Bakes On Mesh Project viewer from LL as well as the Second Life version ( viewer from LL, then it freezes and reads as "not responding".
  8. I'm in need of a mesh clothing creator to make a simple rigged men's vest similar to this. I need DAE files and maps. Please contact me in-world with an estimate of cost and a sample of your work if possible. Thank you. Julia Laramie (gretchen. janick).
  9. Thank you! Very much appreciate your help.
  10. Let me say upfront that I'm an artist, not a techie so this is all Greek to me. I've been told the following: "OSX the latest OpenGL version is 4.0. Apple announced no more further development for OpenGL and they will not support future versions such as Vulkan either. So as games progress further for Windows and Linux, OSX users will feel the sting of that. No more SL for OSX users .. but Linux is free. And should work on any PC machine." Can anyone explain this for me and tell me if this is accurate?
  11. I'm looking for an experienced rigged mesh clothing designer for a Native American-style clothing item, leggings and breechcloth. Please contact me for more information. Thanks.
  12. I'm looking for a scripter who can modify an existing door script for use with a mesh door. Simple, straightforward scripting job. This is a paying job and the script must be full-perm. I need the script a.s.a.p. Feel free to contact me in-world. Julia Laramie (gretchen.janick)
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