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  1. 6855 prim's 19200sm for anything and everything you might like to build adult ratting asking price $115.392 Lind,s 6.01 x sm or best reasonable offer, work on any kind of deal for wet land ,or tell me what u offering as partial payment. Owner (Me) not in need of money but because I have other lots and parcels I'm not using this one ,so why having it? contact me in world Thank you *****(((((ANGRY FACES ))))))*****NOT MINE http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Woobin/193/150/25
  2. I went to see it and how can u try to sale something offering the parcel here for 3000 and there 5900
  3. Fenfarg (109, 13, 61) - Adult 1584 squr meters 543 prims for only 6100 Linds not using it anymore ,,,, contact me in world or TP there and buy it,
  4. For Sale Full Sim Tier due Dic/9/2015 Price to sale fast $225.00 transfer includ. accepting cash or Lindens Contact me in World
  5. FULL SIM http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fantsasy%20Islands/160/239/24 FOR SALE TIER GOOD TILT 8/9/2015 $400 USD, OR EQUAL IN LINDENS SELLER WILL PAY TRANSFER, CONTACT ME IN WORLD , OR AT THE SIM GOOD LUCK THANK YOU SEND A NOTECAR IM GETS CAPPED................ Normal price from Linden store is $1000, that's why there's a market here for the already-set-up sims.+ $295 USD Tier SOLD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. flat green beautiful parcel 4095 sq/mtrs 937 prims, cheaper than linden labs , Buy now !!! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Miliaco/18/241/90
  9. 937 prims 4096 sqr/mtrsL$ 950 a week Monthly Discounts http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Miliaco/18/239/90 contact me in world
  10. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Askja/7/116/22 1739 prims 7600 sqr/mtrs rental $L 1750 lind a week discount by monthly contact me in world
  11. Sandy Beautiful Land for beach house or anything you might like http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Phlarzo/202/75/24 17344 sqr/mtrs over a 1/4 sim 3969 prims $L 3975x week motnhy rental payment discount Contact me in world
  12. this is a problem I have been having and I still don't understand why and how or wish is correct , this is confusing and stressful furthermore, when I buy a parcel of land shows that my amount will still 195.00 for my tier but when I check my summary fees shows 390.00 monthly tier fees, can someone tell me how to resolve this issue and how this works and why this is happen because I don't know wish amount to rely on. thank you OK I understand that , but what I don't understand is , that when Im buying a land the buy land shows me that buying it will not change my 195.00 but t
  13. will like to see it and know the price , send me LM to world thanks
  14. I understand that the cost of a system like SL its not cheap but anyway I strongly belive and I bet lots of people think the same way as well, that due to the global economic and the hardship most of us are going thru this time ,SL needs to re adjuste themselves and low their land tie prices as well as the marketplace cost of placing an store or items as well, at least thitl the economic rases again and that way we all can enjoy and contributing to keep this magnificent game alive because some landlords of sims thta have been in sl for as long as sl dose exist are packing their li
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